Technology That Erases Handicaps

Technology has shaped society into a compelling digital platform where everyone can buy almost anything, book a table at a restaurant, or even make an appointment at the simple touch of a button. It’s fair to say that the way people interact and engage with each other has dramatically evolved since the introduction of digital and interactive technology. But, ultimately, when it comes to thinking about the impact of high tech on handicaps, the general public tend to think of wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and earring aid. It is difficult to bring together in the same image a person with a handicap – whether it is mental or physical – and your preferred digital gadgets. The main reason for this obstacle of the imagination is that, unfortunately, digital devices tend to be advertised only for and by able-bodied and mentally healthy individuals. In reality, if you dived in the potential of digital and AI technology, you can rapidly understand how it’s changing forever the way handicaps are perceived by society.



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Mobility issues don’t exist anymore

In a world where remote work is becoming the new workplace culture, it’s easy for companies to ignore everything about the handicap of their employees or contractors. There’s been an ongoing discrimination practice in workplaces, that isn’t a reflection of what the company thinks but of what the company can provide to facilitate the access to work for disabled employees. Small corridors and narrow rooms are difficult for wheelchairs, for example. The lack of specialized equipment on the workforce can impact productivity. But remote workers for happen to live with a handicap have set up their environment to match their needs. Similarly, the gaming industry can give disabled players their lost ability back, such as this Pokemon Go hack on your iPhone which lets you play in remote areas with a joystick. Behind a screen, everybody assumes you’re able-bodied.



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Who’s blind?

How can blind people manage their household effectively? It’s a question you don’t need to ask anymore. They can now rely on the best of technology to ask their virtual assistant to come to their rescue. Siri has introduced the idea of audio command back with the iPhone4. But it’s truly the apparition of Amazon Echo, and the voicing control Alexa, that has transformed the lives of many people with a vision impairment. From getting the news to controlling your home appliances, there’s almost nothing a blind person can’t do with Alexa. Besides, a VA doesn’t need to know about your disability.  



Alexa erases blindness

Autism is an advantage

If you think that working with autistic colleagues is difficult, you need to wake up to the reality of digital life. Interestingly enough, people with autism are key employees for companies that need to rely on long-term memory and high concentration in repetitive tasks. Programming solutions prefer to work with autistic QA testers, for instance, as these are better at identifying bugs and issues. Additionally, autistic workers are exceptionally gifted when it comes to thinking outside the box and coming up with creative IT solutions.


Ultimately, the 21st Century is the first century if the history of humanity where handicaps don’t need to be known. Our digital lifestyle paints a society that is more accessible for all.

Can The New Year Bring In A New You?

The new year is a time of fresh beginnings, and there’s a whole year ahead of opportunities and unknown ventures. Yet, we often want to start the new year off with a bang and then keep the creative energy flowing by sticking to a few resolutions. So after the party is over, and you’ve cleaned up and had a few glasses of water, it’s time to start in on your plans. So if you know you want to make a change for the new year, but you just don’t know what you’d be able to keep up with, here are some ideas for you.



Read More and More

Reading can do a lot for you, such as help you better your memory retention and practical knowledge. It can just teach you more in general! So, if you want something manageable for the new year, pick up a book on the first of January and don’t put it down again until you’ve read at least 3 chapters. Continue in this habit every day, and make some effort to grab yourself a bit of spare time.

If you’re the type of person who exhausts your eyes staring at screens all day, this is a good way to rest them without closing them and taking impromptu naps all the time. Similarly, you can also unwind from busy days at work or your new workout routine by settling in with a good story.


Getting into a Workout Routine

Instead of spending your time scrolling through the are they on steroids blog and comforting yourself that you don’t have to look like that (which you don’t!), you could instead use of a little of that inspirational energy to work on yourself! Even the feeling can be a step towards self improvement after all.

A workout routine doesn’t have to be hard to stick to when you enjoy it, and plan out what you want to do from the beginning. Something different works for everyone, so whether it’s kickboxing or a bit of zumba, try out a bunch of classes before you settle.


Try a Lower Calorie Diet

Calories are easy to ingest and they’re in everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to chow down on the low cal foods we always see on the market. However, instead of just choosing to lose weight, aim to make yourself just a little bit healthier.

First of all, make a conscious effort not to squeeze in that last cookie, and save it for someone else or another time. Similarly, you can eat smaller portions at dinner and still feel full and energized by the end of it. Probably even more so, as your digestion isn’t taking up all of your energy anymore!


The new year is a perfect time for you to start working on yourself. Don’t let yourself put it off, and make it easy to stick to. Remember: you can always try out multiple things to see what works, and make it fun!

What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 07/03/15



Here's what was going on in my world this week:

  • Massages

I celebrated my one calendar year work anniversary this past week, and it unintentionally coincided with some self-care I took upon myself. Part of this was getting a professional massage at a local spot, which was sorely needed (see what I did there? Because I was sore...). I always carry my tension in my shoulders and lower back, which isn't helped by hunching over a keyboard most days. I'll definitely have to look into making this a regular thing or maybe even doing yoga on a regular basis. Something would be helpful to ease my tension and keep me loose and nimble.

  • Counseling

I went to speak with a counselor this week as well. It is a part of an employee assistance program, where staff can get a few free sessions with local counselors to work out any issues they're having, which is certainly a nice benefit of working at my institution. While I won't go into the details of what I talked about here, just suffice it to say that it is so important in taking care of ourselves to not forget about our mental health. I always value the opportunity to work through things with someone whose job it is to listen and help. Massages are great too, and both are crucial to staying well, physically and emotionally.

  • 4th of July

I have the pleasure of coming down to the Greater Boston Area this weekend for the Independence Day celebrations to visit my partner, Jenn. There seems to be no shortage of festivities around here and it is always nice to hang out here and spend quality time with my partner. We're seriously considering moving ourselves down here in the near future so it is always cool to check out the scene here and continue to vet it as somewhere we could settle down and put some roots down. Be sure to check out my Instagram for photos from the weekend!

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