Podcast Production Services


Looking for help producing your podcast? Look no further!

I've spent over four years producing weekly podcasts and I'm ready to help you build your show.

Whether it is in editing, sourcing guests, technical know-how, creative vision, growth strategy, or simply getting your show off the ground, I'm happy to make myself available to you for whatever you need.

Check out some testimonials below from people I've helped and feel free to connect with any questions.



    "Dustin has a genuine collaborative spirit, calling on practitioners, researchers and educators to feature on his podcast over the years. I particularly appreciate his willingness to support new podcasters in their content creation journeys. When I kicked off Josie & The Podcast he was a solid source for support and feedback."

- Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Josie and the Podcast

    "As a podcast newbie, I was overwhelmed and intimidated, but Dustin provided great insights and helped me gain the confidence to hit record. I appreciate how willing he is to share his incredible knowledge in podcasting and experiences with others."

- Meghan Grace, #GenZ: The Podcast

    "Dustin not only inspired me to look into podcasting as a medium for delivering the message of The Committed Project - thanks to his work on the Student Affairs Spectacular podcast and his Higher Ed Geek podcast, he was helpful in directing me to resources for podcasting and getting me started. He made time to talk with me when I was just getting started and also offered to field further questions if I needed. If you're considering getting into podcasting, Dustin is your person!"

- Kristen Abell, The Committed Project Podcast

    "Dustin was such a great source of knowledge and support as I launched my first podcast. I appreciate how willing he was to share his incredible knowledge in podcasting and experiences with me.”

- Tom Krieglstein, The Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast


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