It's Time to Get Involved in Spectator Sports!

Most of us engage with some sort of sport. Whether that’s a team sport such as soccer, basketball, or volleyball, or an individual sport such as archery, climbing, or kayaking. However, sometimes the intense physical aspects required to engage with them might put us off. Whether we’re feeling a little under the weather or simply want to kick our feet up and relax, there are bound to be a whole host of times when heading outdoors in a huge exertion of energy just isn’t something we’re interested in. However, you don’t have to cut sport out of your life entirely in times like this. In fact, you can engage with a sport in a completely different way - as a spectator. Here are a few different sports that you might want to try watching instead of physically engaging with at some point!



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Baseball is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world. While the premise of the bat and ball game is relatively simple, the feeling of being a part of a particular team’s fanbase is all-encompassing. You really get drawn into the game as you cheer along and chant. One of the great things about baseball is that it’s relatively unpredictable. In most sports, you can take a look at individual sports people's track records and gauge the outcome of each match or game. However, with baseball, you can really be taken by surprise, with league champions falling and the underdogs having the day regularly. To experience baseball at its best, try to secure dodger tickets that will provide you with seats to some of the best games.



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Boxing matches are thrilling - you get to see two athletes in their prime go head to head in a battle of both the body and the will. It’s not surprising that this is a sport that organisers really make a show out of. For weeks ahead of any big fight, you can tune into interviews, weigh-ins, and pre-match standoffs between the individuals lined up. On the night, you can either head along to a live venue or tune in on your television, with matches often being streamed worldwide for those at home. The music and entrances really get your adrenaline pumping! You then get to watch a highly technical sport, learning a whole lot about technique and statistics from the commentators along the way.



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Archery is a more obscure sport that not all too many people pay attention to. But this is simply because it isn’t as hyped up as many other major sports. Archery really can be brilliant to watch, especially if you’re looking for something that is more focussed on calculated finesse than pure adrenaline. It is perhaps most widely televised during major events such as the Olympics, but there are Youtube channels dedicated to providing access to all sorts of archery championships.


These are just three sports that are widely televised, or that you can attend in-person if you’re lucky enough to get tickets. So, choose one and get involved!

Why is the Gaming Industry Growing So Fast?

The gaming industry is an industry that is growing at an exponential rate. Last year, according to some UK stats, the gaming industry was worth over a record-breaking $5 billion, not to mention the impact that the gaming industry had on other industries like merchandising, entertainment, and film. So at the rate things are going, it is likely that the industry will be adding at least another billion dollars to that in the next few years. In fact, when you look at those kinds of stats, it is making the gaming industry the fifth largest in the world, and the biggest in places like Europe as a whole. Pretty astounding just how much of an influence it can have.

The rise of gaming has a lot to do with the advancements in technology, and the fact that you can press download, and in an instant you will have it on your phone or tablet. Not to mention the fact that you can easily watch gamers play online, as well as YouTube videos. So if you want to know how to do something for your game, you are likely to reach out to one of these sources.



Because so many people are gaming, at least at some point in their week, it has meant that some previous and quite dull tasks, including things like fact-sharing, have been given a whole new lease of life. And this is a trend that quite rightly, companies are taking note of and using it to their advantage. Increased awareness around gaming and more of a positive look at gaming has impacted the whole industry of gaming in a positive way. For companies and gamers, it leads to more funding opportunities, and a chance to make a business out of gaming if they haven’t already. Take a game like RunScape, for example. There are several sites online that sell RS Gold for gamers to buy, so that they can carry on in their game and get bigger and better at it. This wouldn’t have even been considered an idea for a business even ten years ago.

When more people are wanting to work in the sector, then t shows the demand for it, and that in turn, will have influence over the gaming companies and how they decide to do things. And this rolls out to gaming in a professional sense too. You don’t just have to see gaming in the traditional or recreational sense, as educational establishments can use the industry to their advantage too. It is what the students will understand, so certain parts of it can be carried over.

The industry is on the rise and here to stay, because of the top talent that the industry recruits. It needs to attract the right skilled workers to the job roles, otherwise they will go elsewhere for work. So it is a competitive job industry. And when a company hires the brightest and the best, the jobs will be more competitive, and more people will want to work there, as their business growth will get better and better. In that vein, it can be easy to see why there are several Universities around the world now that are doing gaming-related degrees. It shows that it is an industry that is here to stay.



Funding for the industry has to play a big part in the rise of the industry. For example, if there wasn’t the same funding, then would the same companies be able to do what they do and make the games and apps that they make? The support and funding needs to be staying at the same level, if not more, to help grow the industry. It would be interesting to see how the industry would do as a whole, if some of the funding were to be cut.

Not for profit groups like British-based Creative England, is an example of the kind of funding that has helped the industry to grow. Using things like ‘games labs’ they are able to train people up, and help people to learn the skills that they need to develop games or simply to get into it at a deeper level. And with the rise of VR gaming, it will be good to see how things like these ‘games labs’ can help people learn about a whole brand new element to gaming.

What are your thoughts on this? How far has the gaming industry got to go? It would be great to hear what you think.

Easy Ways to Make Money from Gaming

Do you love gaming? Then you’ll be glad to know that it is more than possible for you to make money from it! Gaming really does have so much to offer and when you are good at it, you can easily turn it into a money-making avenue. It doesn’t take long to get started and you can easily help others out at the same time as well. If you want to get some ideas then you can find out whatever you need to know below.



When you are able to stream, everyone can see your gameplay. You can have advertisements on your gaming stream and you can also ask your loyal audience to either donate or subscribe to your services as well. The problem here is that it can take you a while before you can build up your audience and you may spend a lot of time trying to work out why nobody is viewing your channel. The main thing that you have to remember here is that streams do take time but if you are able to invest then you can easily make money from it at a later date. Podcasts are another great option as well, if you have the time.


Writing Guides

New players love reading guides. If you are a gamer then there is a high chance that you have read a guide or two in the past. If you want to make money from gaming then writing guides is certainly a possibility. You can upload your guide to YouTube or you can even publish them as an EBook if you want. You can even get advertisements or you can sell your guides for a small profit every time. You will need to invest a ton of time in order to make the most out of your money-making adventure and the main reason for this is because you will need to provide way more insight when compared to other people.



Gambling is also another way that you can make money from games. Bitcoin Rush casino is great here and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to really feel satisfied when you take away a win. When you are able to learn and develop strategies for online games, you can sell them while also making money from the game itself.


Trading In

When you are done with your old games, do you keep them as a part of your collection? If you want to make money then why not sell your old copies? When you have completed the game, there isn’t much point in you keeping hold of your copy and this makes the whole idea of gaming much cheaper. Sure, it may be more efficient to buy your game as a digital copy but at the end of the day, if you are able to buy a hard copy you can then go on to sell it at a later date. You can even keep an eye on auction sites to try and get a good deal, before selling that but at a higher price.