Technology That Erases Handicaps

Technology has shaped society into a compelling digital platform where everyone can buy almost anything, book a table at a restaurant, or even make an appointment at the simple touch of a button. It’s fair to say that the way people interact and engage with each other has dramatically evolved since the introduction of digital and interactive technology. But, ultimately, when it comes to thinking about the impact of high tech on handicaps, the general public tend to think of wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and earring aid. It is difficult to bring together in the same image a person with a handicap – whether it is mental or physical – and your preferred digital gadgets. The main reason for this obstacle of the imagination is that, unfortunately, digital devices tend to be advertised only for and by able-bodied and mentally healthy individuals. In reality, if you dived in the potential of digital and AI technology, you can rapidly understand how it’s changing forever the way handicaps are perceived by society.



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Mobility issues don’t exist anymore

In a world where remote work is becoming the new workplace culture, it’s easy for companies to ignore everything about the handicap of their employees or contractors. There’s been an ongoing discrimination practice in workplaces, that isn’t a reflection of what the company thinks but of what the company can provide to facilitate the access to work for disabled employees. Small corridors and narrow rooms are difficult for wheelchairs, for example. The lack of specialized equipment on the workforce can impact productivity. But remote workers for happen to live with a handicap have set up their environment to match their needs. Similarly, the gaming industry can give disabled players their lost ability back, such as this Pokemon Go hack on your iPhone which lets you play in remote areas with a joystick. Behind a screen, everybody assumes you’re able-bodied.



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Who’s blind?

How can blind people manage their household effectively? It’s a question you don’t need to ask anymore. They can now rely on the best of technology to ask their virtual assistant to come to their rescue. Siri has introduced the idea of audio command back with the iPhone4. But it’s truly the apparition of Amazon Echo, and the voicing control Alexa, that has transformed the lives of many people with a vision impairment. From getting the news to controlling your home appliances, there’s almost nothing a blind person can’t do with Alexa. Besides, a VA doesn’t need to know about your disability.  



Alexa erases blindness

Autism is an advantage

If you think that working with autistic colleagues is difficult, you need to wake up to the reality of digital life. Interestingly enough, people with autism are key employees for companies that need to rely on long-term memory and high concentration in repetitive tasks. Programming solutions prefer to work with autistic QA testers, for instance, as these are better at identifying bugs and issues. Additionally, autistic workers are exceptionally gifted when it comes to thinking outside the box and coming up with creative IT solutions.


Ultimately, the 21st Century is the first century if the history of humanity where handicaps don’t need to be known. Our digital lifestyle paints a society that is more accessible for all.

Make The World A Smarter Place, Help A Student Today

The future of humanity lies in education. There’s no denying it. The more knowledge people have, the better they get at making the right decisions. The more you know, the least you err, to put things in simple words. However, the acquisition of knowledge can often feel like an impossible quest for nowadays students. There isn’t a week that goes by without mentioning high stress issues and tuition fees that students have to cope with. Additionally, the cost of education is increasing all over the world, making it impossible for some ever to get a chance at turning their life for the better. So what can you do to help students make the world a better place?



Students need support to shine


Learning is a chance you can share

You may not have traveled far away, but you probably have heard of the countries where studying can make the difference between making a living or struggling in your home village. For many children and young adults in poor populations, the opportunities to get a scholarship are extremely limited. As a result, kids are forced to work from an early age to help their family. But if you take part to the child sponsorship programs you can help give teens a chance to study and establish themselves as professionals. When a degree can make all the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a famished existence, there’s no room left for hesitation.


Fight off the anxiety

One in 5 college students struggle with anxiety or depression disorder. The increase of tech gadgets has isolated the youth from their real life, while they try to maintain the virtual appearances on social media platforms. Additionally, the desire to succeed has driven many to seek out stimulant drugs, creating devastating addictions. It’s key for the education sector to acknowledge these mental health issues and provide personal support for those who need it most. It’s also recommended for student affairs professional to take a mental health first aid course.


Teach them to study

As scary as it might sounds, modern kids don’t know how to learn anymore. According to Daniel Willingham, professor of psychology, most students drop out of college because they don’t devise the right strategy to work. The common use of the highlighting approach to remember passages of a text doesn’t work, as it doesn’t bring students to think about the meaning of what they’re learning. Ultimately you can’t remember what you don’t understand. It’s therefore key to teach students how to best remember and understand their classes.

Talk about money

Last, but not least, a lot of people choose not to pursue their studies because they’re struggling with the burden of student loans. Therefore, students need the advice of experts who can help them to better understand the financial strategies to reduce and manage student loan payments. From refinancing options to enrolling in an IBR program, there as many options that young adults could use. Every student should be able to get access to a finance expert to discuss their long-term payments, budget and income potential.  


Student loan application

Education pays for itself in the long term. But without your help, is there any chance for today’s students to get the chances their parents or grandparents had?

What's the best way to pick which headsets to buy?

As an increasingly important item for managing your business, it's important to choose wisely when picking a headset. There's a lot to consider: what sort of headset would be best to buy, what compatibility and connectivity will best suit your needs, the style and cost of the headset. As an important purchase, it's best to do your research, you don't want to be kicking yourself a few weeks down the line when you see a better headset at a better price, every penny counts when you're starting out, but you need a headset that will perform in the workplace (even if the workplace is your back bedroom). The workplace is changing, and headsets are a part of this revolution, enhancing the comfort of the work experience, and generally just making your working day that little bit easier.


Ask yourself what sort of headset you need. Like all technologies, there can be a dizzying array to choose from. Do you want one earpiece (Monaural) or two (Binaural)? There's a wide range in terms of comfort, innovations such as noise cancellation: even, at the top end, intuitive sets that can gauge the reaction of the person on the other end of the line.


Think about the type of connectivity you'll need, will you or your workers be desk-bound all day, in which case corded will be fine, or do you envisage arrangements where you can stand and walk around, in which cordless may be the way to go? It can be hard to know where to start, simply look at the range of Avaya headsets offered by PMC Telecoms for a good overview of the range available.


So to narrow it down you need to zero in on what's going to be most important for you in a headset. Comfort? Sound quality? Both are givens, you'd think; but budget is always a consideration in any business decision. Think about the quantity you're going to need, an individual headset may not look that much, but what if you need fifty, or a hundred? Often, with a start-up, cash is tight, but it does pay to get the best you can afford, as with all technologies, headsets take a jump in quality when you pay a little extra.


If it all seems a little too much then stop, relax. In this digital age, help is never far away. This is where doing your research comes in: take the opportunity to look around for advice and support. All manufacturers will have their own support teams in place; but for purchasing decisions, check out a number of sites, try consumer advice websites like Best Buy, or advice forums like Quora. As with any decision like this, it's best to read around the subject. Compare a few places until you feel that you're making a truly informed decision. Take your time, work out what's going to be best for you and then go for it.