What Will the Future Look Like?

Now, we know that there are enough pressing concerns in today’s world. We’re dealing with political issues, the environment, and a world that has rising inequality, and we should all be focusing our energies to rectify those problems. However, it’s also worth keeping one eye on the future - because like it or not, it’s going to be here quicker than we realize. So what will the world of tomorrow look like? We take a look below.

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Everything Talking

It’s tempting to think the digital age has already arrived, but this isn’t really true. People must have thought the age of the car had arrived way back when there were just a few hundred on the roads; they couldn’t have envisioned just how widespread they would have become. The same is true of technology. In the future, everything will be connected - including ourselves. The internet of things has kind of arrived, but in the coming decades, it’s going to become much more widespread. Your door, fridge, windows, and just about everything in your home will be automated. If you’re a Luddite, then it might be time to start looking at that cabin in the woods, basically.


A Changing Workplace

The world of work is about to change dramatically, in ways that haven’t been seen since the industrial revolution. It’ll be in two main areas: the rise of artificial intelligence, and an overall changing attitude towards the workplace. You can expect the traditional work attire to be replaced by more casual clothing, and the 9-5 routine to be replaced by a more fluid, flexible approach to the working day. On the other end, AI will see somewhere in the region of 50% of jobs lost. If those who lost their jobs aren’t found something else to do, mass unemployment will follow.


The World of Politics

The world is getting smaller all the time, but that doesn’t mean that the problems will disappear. As technology improves and troubled international relations grow, we’ll see more attempts to undermine democracy. Indeed, this is already happening: as the AZ Sec of State says, last year there were instances ‘all over the country related to people trying to get into other people’s data and voter files.’ As such, cybersecurity related to voting will become a hot topic. So will the role of social media in elections, especially after Russia’s influence in the last presidential election.


A Move to Purpose

It’s not talked about anywhere nearly as much as it should be, but depression is a major concern among health officials. Indeed, it’s scheduled to become the world’s leading illness in the not too distant future. As such, we can see a greater move towards happiness, and to people choosing to live a life of purpose rather than being content with material goods and the traditional signs of success.


But Who Knows?

While the research shows signs of the above, it could also all be wrong. The future won’t be linear; it’ll be written by, well, whoever writes it.

What Is Hot In Science Right Now?

Trends and fashions seem to dictate everything that we do and experience in culture. After all, just look at how powerful fashion in clothing can be - when someone creates a new clothing fad, it can change the way everyone else starts to dress. You might think that these trends are only confined to a few sections of society and culture, such as music, clothing, and food. But that isn't the case In actual fact, trends are big news in almost every aspect of life - even in science and research!

Research in science is largely dictated by trends too. Sure, there are some fields of research, especially in healthcare and medicine, that won’t change as we are still striving to come up with new treatments and medicines. But in other fields of science, there are a lot of trends that drive the most popular research fields.

So, what exactly is hot in science right not? Read on to find out more!





You will have no doubt already heard about organ transplants. This is when an organ from one body is taken out and transplanted into another body. The organ donors can be living when donating some organs, such as a kidney, but in most cases the donor is deceased. Well, have you ever heard of xenografts? If not, you need to listen up as it looks like these are set to be the next big thing. Right now, contract research organizations are looking into how xenografts can help cancer patients. These are basically cell, tissue, or organ transplants taken from a different species. The current tests are taking place on rats and mice, but this research looks set to develop soon, and it could be tested on humans before too long.




Research Into Uploading Consciousness

If you keep up to date with news from the tech world, you might have heard about a new startup that is letting people join a waiting list to upload their consciousness to the cloud. This way, their whole consciousness will be able to, in theory, live on forever. However, there is just one problem - the whole process of preserving the consciousness is 100% fatal and isn't guaranteed to work. Regardless, there are still already a few people listed on the waiting list. There is a new branch of science interested in preserving life for the future and it is looking into whether or not we can code our consciousness and preserve is on the cloud forever. Is this really possible? It’s hard to tell right now, but there are lots of people who have faith in the science. This field of research is still in its infancy, so who knows where it will end up over the coming decades? It could be very exciting to watch!




Anti-Aging Technologies

As well as trying to live forever by preserving our mind on the cloud, there are other scientists who are trying to research new anti-aging technologies. And by “anti-aging technologies” I don’t mean just applying some serums and anti-wrinkle creams to their skin, although there are of course some scientists who do look into that. Instead, there are other scientists who are looking into other more scientific-focused treatments. Many believe that the key is in our diets, and there are those who believe that an exceptionally restrictive diet can help us live for a  lot longer. There are also some scientists who believe that the key to anti-aging is locked in some treatments that are traditionally used for other ailments. One example of this is the group of scientists who are convinced that the treatment usually given to diabetic patients could help others live for longer while also preventing the aging process for as long as possible.





Scientists have been researching the field of nanotechs for quite some time already, but now it looks like it is all set to get very exciting indeed! Not too sure what nanotech is exactly? It’s the study of structures at their atomic level. Basically, just looking at the smallest parts of things. One of the most exciting things about nanotech is that it affects almost everything on the planet. After all, everything is made up of atoms that we can take apart and look at and study. Everything from toilet cleaner to newly discovered elements could be studied through nanotech and its exact impact on us and the world in which we live.




Robotics and AI

It’s impossible to write a blog post about the current biggest science trends and not include robotics and AI. This is likely to be the biggest scientific news of the century! It is now believed that robots will soon be able to join us in the workplace and help with all manner of tasks and responsibilities. Even though basic robots have been used in factories and warehouses for some time already, it is thought that they are going to become a lot more important and more sophisticated robots will be able to take care of more important jobs in dangerous workplaces. It is even thought that they will be able to take on creative tasks as well, which was once thought of as impossible as we previously thought it not possible to code creativity and imagination into robots. AI is also set to come on a long way. In fact, it could enter the mainstream a lot sooner than robotics. After all, just take a look at Tesla.  Elon Musk’s famous company that is developing self-driving cars uses advanced AI in its autos. So, the next time you need to buy a new vehicle, you might want to invest in a self-driving auto. You’ll have some very sophisticated AI at your fingertips!

There are always new trends and fashionable research areas that are popping up in the world of science. If you ever want to find out more, it’s worth googling some research areas to see what you can find out. There are lots of papers and news articles that break everything down so that the facts are easy for all us non-scientists to understand!

What I Learned "Crashing" a Conference

I've recently been feeling in a bit of a rut and disconnected from the greater higher ed community. I knew I needed to do something to feel refreshed.

Knowing NASPA was coming to Philly, I reached out on social media to see who I knew that was going. That has always been the most valuable part of conferences to me; growing and maintaining my professional network. It also is always cool to meet people in person I know purely through digital means.

It would have felt like a missed opportunity to not see folks who would only be a short drive away. I never really felt concerned about "crashing" the conference (not paying to attend but meeting people who did). I didn't try to sneak into any sessions or anything. It just does not make sense to me to have to pay exorbitant fees to end up mostly just hanging out with people anyway and skipping the tired old sessions they offer. 

I've written before about my disdain towards national higher ed conferences like ACPA and NASPA. We're in need of a major change with how we provide professional development with these gatherings, which is (and probably will be) a whole other blog post. The cherry on top to all this was that most of the people I met with spoke with displeasure about the session offerings. This feeling is pervasive and indicative of where things are right now when it comes to professional development in higher ed. It's too expensive, it's not relevant, and it isn't giving many people what they want (or need) to grow professionally.

Regardless, what I ended up learning through this process is that you have to sometimes just do what you know is right and what you need. I learned the value of personal (and professional) relationships and that it's important to cultivate them in person when you can. I learned I have great people in my corner and that it doesn't matter how long it might have been since you saw someone last, they'll still be happy to chat if you reach out. I learned that nothing will ever change until we disrupt the status quo.

I feel like I might continue this renegade trend as much as I can. I'd be happy to welcome others as we subvert these outdated paradigms and blaze our own way making experiences that are more valuable and accessible.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this. Please reach out via the comments or on Twitter (@HigherEd_Geek).

Do You Have A Love For Gaming?

If you know you’re a bit of a gamer geek, then there are ways in which you can nurture this love and grow it into something better. Gaming for a lot of people offers an escape from the real world. A place to make friends that you don’t feel as though you need to impress, and a place where you can let your imagination run wild. If this sounds like you, then we know how you can take your gaming experience to the next level. There’s so many new worlds out there for you to immerse yourself into, and so many opportunities for you that you might have been missing, If you’re intrigued, then read on to find out how you can grow your love for gaming.


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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting and futuristic things to bless the gaming world. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out. It allows you to literally be immersed into another world. Well, not literally, but it isn’t far off it. All you need to do is pop the headset on, turn on the headphones, and you truly will feel like you’ve left the earth. The great thing about this is that there’s so much variety to choose from in terms of what you do on the virtual reality headset. There are plenty of free games you that can download, but if you get a unit like the Playstation VR, there’s tons of paid games. Even if you don’t fancy having a go on the game, you can go on a nice nature walk through a documentary, and it’ll really feel as though you’re there. A lot of the games that you can buy are fully online, so you get that feeling of teamwork that a lot of people like about gaming. The one major downside to this marvellous piece of technology is the price. If you’re buying one outright, you’re going to be spending a lot of money. You can grab yourself one that’s second hand, but it is still a tad expensive. The games that you can buy are also pricey, but none more so than the normal PC or console games that you’d buy. They’re all fully interactive, and the characters move as you make the motions. It just makes things so much cooler and life like.


Making Money

If you really do have a love for gaming, and it is all you do whilst you’re at home, then why not try and make some money through it. There are a few ways of doing this. Firstly, you can think about becoming a vlogger. There are a lot of people out there that search for game tutorials, and turn to vlogs for guidance with regards to which game they should buy next. Whilst it may be hard to get the following up to a decent amount, it is still a worthwhile venture that won’t cost you much. Just use Twitter and other social media platforms to try and boost your views. You can then turn your vlog into a blog, and make money that way. Next you can think about some of the more unconventional gaming methods that make people money. Gambling is a form of gaming, and if you do it right you can make a lot of money from it. For example, the grand ivy casino has plenty of games for you to try your hand at if you’re interested. It is obviously the more risky way of trying to make money, but it does give you the same thrill as playing a normal console game would. Just make sure you’re always betting the money you can, and don’t get carried away with trying to win. If you lose, you lose, that’s just something you’re going to have to come to terms with when it comes to gaming through gambling.


The Future

The future of gaming is a pretty exciting place. There’s so much going on that means we’re going to have better games, better game play experiences, and more immersive games through the use of things such as virtual reality. Virtual reality at the minute is just 3D, but there are talks of trying to make it a 4D game play experience in the future. How many years that will take is a different story, but the prospect of being able to touch and feel things within the game you’re playing is exciting. In the short term, there are talks that Spyro is being remastered, whether that’ll come out in 2018, or 2019 who knows! There are also talks of more Crash Bandicoots being released in late 2018.