Student Life: Excel Doesn’t Always Have To Give You A Headache

If you are sick and tired of getting a headache every single time you open up MS Excel and you want to put an end to it then it’s now easier than ever for you to do so. Excel is a love-hate program. Some people are genuine wizards when it comes to using the software and others would rather sit in a corner and cry rather than open up the dreaded formula interface. If you are a student however then there is a high chance that you will need to learn how Excel works and you may even have to use it to complete your studies as well. For that reason, if you want some good reasons to learn Excel then take a look below.


Formulas are Important

Formulas will actually go on to help you in your career. If the word formula is enough to give you a migraine then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of VBA training classes available for you to choose from. This will help you to get an edge in a huge range of jobs, and it is a great way for you to enhance your already growing career prospects.


Working Solutions

Formulas are also a great way for you to try and capture a working solution. For example, if you study science and you need to account for a ton of variables then formulas are a great way for you to do this and you can easily calculate almost anything you need in seconds. This can save you a ton of time when it comes to your studies and they are ideal if you have a bad memory because you can save the formulas for whenever you need them next.


Your Vision

Have you ever wanted to explain what you want to do, but you can’t seem to get it done? For example, you may want to work out how you are going to plan your budget for that month or even your expenses. This can be hard when you have a faulty calculator and an A3 pad of lined paper to hand. If you want to solve all of this then Excel can help. The best thing about Excel is that you can set it to automatically update your totals as you go along. When someone deducts something from the total, all you have to do is type it into Excel and the program will then work out the final amount for you in less than a second.


Because Nobody is Good at Excel

When you are good at Excel, you can really help to increase your productivity and you can even get more value out of the work that you do. Businesses love productivity and it is a great way for you to earn some money on the side. For example, you could build formulas for people or you could even offer a tutoring service when it comes to Excel as well. If you can get good with formulas then this will open up a ton of doors for you, and it is a great way for you to really take advantage of everything that it has to offer.

Excel may not be the most-liked MS program out there, but as a student, it really is essential to your study and even your career.

A Guide To The Ultimate Geek Cave

Do you crave your own little bit of space? A haven in the home where you can squirrel yourself away, partake in a hobby or two and simply unwind. With the stresses and pressures of modern life, it’s more important than ever to create some daily ‘me’ time. The best way to achieve this is to allocate an area of the home, whether it’s a room or a loft or a shed, which you can transform into a super geek cave. We’re not talking ever-flowing beer, a pool table and a couch; that’s student digs. We are talking the ultimate geek cave. Take a look to see how you can create your very own den of geekdom.


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If you are the ultimate geek, you may have a collection of something; you might pride yourself on having every single action figure ever released by the Star Wars franchise, boxed and unopened. You may have all of the NFL gaming cards from 1989 through to the present day. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, ensure you make space to enjoy your collection. Set up a display area, hang up your Star Trek autographed photos and enjoy looking at them every time you settle into your geek cave for some chill time.


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TV And Audio Kit

If you are something of a movie buff and love nothing more than unwinding in front of a great thriller, old classic noir or a 1980s cheesy blockbuster, then you need some equipment to make your film experience exceptional. Take a look at the soundbars and stereo systems available that you can hook up to your flatscreen TV. You want to achieve a fully immersive experience, so you feel like you’re actually part of the movie. 3D TVs have come a long way in recent years, so if your budget allows, consider venturing into the third dimension of viewing.

You might prefer to watch your favorite sport. You could be a baseball nut, a soccer fan or an NBA follower. You could take great pleasure in opening up your geek cave to your pals on a Saturday afternoon, having a dabble in some online betting, cracking open a few beers and enjoying some chill time with those you can have a laugh and a joke with.


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No geek cave is complete without the opportunity for a good gaming experience. After a long day at work, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than slumping into your gaming chair and getting into a vintage role-playing game or a sporty classic. It doesn’t matter whether your console of choice is the PS4, the Xbox or even the humble PC, it’s vital that you have a comfortable space in which to play your games. Grab yourself a comfy gaming seat, lower the lighting and get immersed.

The point of a geek cave is to create a highly personalized space that endeavors to make you relaxed and it has to be somewhere that allows you to forget about the stresses of modern life. See if there’s a space that you can allocate for yourself and get started on your very own geek cave.

Why You Can Rely On The Internet For Everything

These days, more than most people rely on the internet every day, and it’s completely normal too. With all of the resources it has to offer, why would you look anywhere else for things you want? You may argue that not everything you can find in stores will be online, you might be surprised that that’s really not the case at all. Even the most unique items can be found online, as you have access to the intellectual property of billions of people online. Just because you can’t find something online, doesn’t mean it’s not there; because the chances are, you can find it with the right knowledge.


Shopping around

If you know where to look, the internet can be really eye-opening. You never know what you’re going to find, as you have access to so much more than you would in your local town. Hopping around to different sites can really help you to find things you didn’t even know you wanted, whether it be a new item of clothing, or a gadget that you’d never even heard of. You may even find out about events going on that hasn’t been advertised anywhere else before, and suddenly you’re interested. Being able to order things on the spot is really useful, especially if the items are of limited time. Take event tickets, for example.

A lot of the time if you’re going to an anticipated event, the tickets will likely sell out at some point, which makes getting them now much more important. If you need to find out more about events you could be missing, you could look at sites like The Ticket Merchant to give you ideas of what you might like to do. A lot of people lack creativity and often don’t even consider such things until they see them. Seeing the opportunity can be what coaxes you into buying it, so look around and explore your options!


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Global news

Within ten seconds of being online, you can access the global news at any time of the day. Taking advantage of this can help you to stay in touch with the events going on in the world, and for some people, it’s extremely helpful for their occupation. It might be that you’re planning to go on holiday, and you want to check the news for that area to make sure your timing is right. You wouldn’t want to book a holiday to then find out there’s been a flood around your destination, so stay informed!


Second opinions

If you look online, you can find out about almost everything you want to know. An important thing to look into is reviews! If you’re thinking of investing into something expensive, you want to know that you receive what you’re expecting, so having a look into what everyone else has said about it can help you make that decision. Reviews are a generally good place to turn to if you’re not sure about a purchase, as you can get multiple opinions of what various people thought, allowing you to make an educated choice.

Everything You Need To Know About Creating The Perfect Gaming Room

Gaming is a good way of taking a step back from your busy lifestyle and clearing your head. If you spend a few hours every weekend playing games and catching up with online friends, you might want to create the perfect relaxing environment for enjoying some quality time. You can design your own gaming room in the basement of your home, or use a spare room for your hobby. Below you will find some advice on how to create the perfect gaming room.


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Comfort First

Chances are you are going to spend long hours in your gaming den. You don’t want to get up with pins and needles or a lower back pain. You can get a beanbag seat or special gaming seat that will help you maintain your focus and posture. Make sure that your seat is the right distance from the screen, and you don’t have to twist your neck to look at different screens if you game on multiple platforms at the same time.


Special Lighting

To help you focus and relax at the same time, you might want to install some colorful lights. Check out other people’s designs, and get some dimming lights that help you focus on the game. Don’t use flashing lights or color changing ones, as they can distract you in the important task of beating your enemy and winning the game.


Must-Have: Mini Fridge

In case you want to hide in your man’s cave for a long time, you will possibly need ammunition and drinks. Ask any of your friends, and they will agree that installing a mini fridge full of your favorite drinks and snacks is a good idea. You might even get your own bar in the corner, if you often invite your friends over for a gaming party in your den.


Wall Mounted Screen

You should certainly have a large gaming monitor installed professionally, making sure that it is in the right angle. The screen should have a high resolution, and a good sound quality. You might invest in a sound bar or an audio system to enjoy the effects of the game even more. Make sure that your screen shows all the games available at in a good quality and the monitor’s refresh rate is set by a professional.


Make Sure You Get a Lock


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The last thing you want when you are winning with your master strategy is people walking in the room. To ensure you are undisturbed, install a do not disturb sign on the door, and get a lock as well. You don’t want to lose just because one of your family members has a question. Let everyone know that you are disappearing for a while, and will need your own space. Tell them how long you will be in the room for, so they can ask you all the important questions beforehand.


Being a gamer is a serious thing. While people think that all you are doing is pressing buttons and screaming at the screen, you are indeed building a strategy and improving your tactics. Make sure your gaming room allows you to relax in style and comfort.