My journey to becoming the "Higher Ed Geek" began back in the spring of 2013, during Rutgers University's Geek Week. Where I was inspired by others to mash up the things we're into to find our unique, original, niche in the world. My love of geeky stuff as well as college student affairs work melded together to, in April of 2013, create the moniker of "Higher Ed Geek".

I started this blog very humbly, with only a few posts in the first couple of months. By 2014, I had begun regular weekly posts, and by 2015, I had my first guest contributors to the site. I've done movie reviews, book reviews, reflected on the past, looked ahead at the future, highlighted my geeky interests of everything from Star Wars to Doctor Who and Spider-Man to The Flash. I have also talked about important topics like social justice, diversity, sustainability, and self-discovery through a geeky lens. I've had major life moments during the tenure of this blog, such as graduating with my master's degree, getting my first full-time job in my field, many moves up and down the east coast, getting married, getting a dog, and hopefully many more to come!

This blog seeks to bring together two worlds for the goal of creating original, fun, important, relevant and thoughtful dialogues that makes the world a little bit brighter. I hope to build out this community out to more avenues, and look forward to growing and celebrating each milestone with you all.

Feel free to connect with me on any of the platforms below with any comments or questions!