How You Can Make Extra Cash By Playing Games Online

If you’re a bit short on cash and you’re looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra cash, you probably start by looking at ways to earn money online. There are all sorts of things you can do like website testing or filling out surveys to earn a bit of extra money on the side. The only problem with that stuff is that it can get a bit boring. You don’t usually make that much money from survey sites and other similar money making schemes so you’ll have to spend a while doing the same boring tasks over and over before you get any real money out of it. But what if there was a way to earn money online while you’re doing something fun at the same time. It might sound too good to be true but you can actually do that.



Playing games online is usually considered a fun pastime, not a good way to make money but what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can actually do both. There are plenty of different ways that you can play games online and earn money while you’re doing it. These are just some of the best ways to earn money online by simply playing games.


Video game streaming sites have really exploded over the last couple of years, the most popular one being Twitch. All you have to do is set up a webcam and stream yourself playing your favorite games and people can drop in and watch. Then there is a donation section on there and if people like to watch you, they’ll send you some cash. You’ll also make money from ad revenue if you feature certain games. It takes a while to build a fanbase before you start making any big money but if you enjoy playing games anyway, that’s not really a problem. The most successful channels are the ones run by people with a big personality that people can relate to and the ones that do something interesting with their games. If you’re just playing through a game normally then people will get bored and switch off, but if you can think of a new and interesting way to play it, you’ll get lots of subscribers.

As well as streaming on sites like Twitch, you can start a Youtube channel to make money more directly. Once you hit a certain number of views on a video, you’ll start getting paid advertising revenue by Youtube. If you can build a loyal fanbase that watches all of your new videos, you can make a lot of money this way. There are popular Youtubers out there that have made millions just from playing games.

Esports Competitions

This one is a bit harder to get into and you really need to be good at a game to make money from it. There are a lot of new competitive gaming competitions out there and the prize money is in the millions for the biggest ones. Those are for the best players in the world and you’ll probably struggle to get into those unless you’re really good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make good money from some smaller competitions. If there is a game that you play regularly and you think you’re pretty good, why not see if there is a local team that you could join?

Casino Games



Getting into professional gaming or building a Youtube channel takes a lot of time and dedication and if you aren’t a serious gamer, you’re probably not going to manage it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a bit of extra money by playing games though. Casino sites are one of the easiest ways to do it. There are plenty of online gambling sites where you can play with real money and sometimes win big. There are, of course, risks involved so don’t think that this is an easy way to make money fast. However, if you bet small and limit the amount of money you spend on there, you can use it as a way of making cash.




If you’re not too keen on the idea of casino games, why not try something simpler like bingo instead. There are so many bingo sites online where you can play with real money and you don’t have to spend that much at all. Some of them let you play with pennies per game so you’re not risking that much. Obviously, the more you play with the more you stand to win but ingo sites are often a cheaper and safer alternative to playing casino games.

Second Life

Second Life is a massively popular online game which, as the name suggests, lets players live out a completely virtual life of their own. You can do pretty much anything you want in the game whether that be working in a store, being a cab driver, becoming a businessman or even being a criminal. The most exciting thing about it though is that you can trade the in-game currency for real money once you’ve accumulated enough. There are people that have become millionaires from playing the game and, while you might not have that many hours to dedicate to the game, you could still make a lot of money.

One of the most popular ways to make money is trading in virtual real estate. If you build up enough in-game cash to buy some good properties, people will pay you a lot for them and you can then trade that for real money. Other people that own businesses in the game will pay you to work for them and you’ll earn a wage, just like in real life, which can then be swapped for real money. It’s a strange concept but there are plenty of people that are making a lot of real money just by playing a game online.

It seems too good to be true but if you put a bit of work in, it is possible to make some money on the side or even make your living from playing games online.

Exploring the Present Power and Future Facts of Online Gaming

When you look back to the 90’s there were limited options on where and how you could game. Computers and consoles were the primary gaming outlet that everybody used and that’s just what people dealt with. There were never any thoughts about gaming on the go or playing online; it was a winning formula. Nowadays the world of gaming has expanded its horizons hugely and online gaming is one of the most popular platforms there is. Whether it’s online card games or head to head battles, everyone now has access to compete against other players on the World Wide Web. It is true that the internet has been the biggest influence on the gaming world in the past ten years. The massive boost in online gamers is still on the rise and there is a valid reason behind it. Let explore the power of online gaming and what the future might hold for us.


The Vast and Varied Choices

The online world of gaming caters to all ages, abilities and interests. The multitude of genres is one of the most impressive elements of online gaming; people can dabble with new things and try out unexpected games they wouldn’t have explored before using a regular console. You will never be stuck for options when browsing online gaming libraries. You can find anything from this casino card games list to creative games you have never experienced before. Now is probably one of the best times to experiment with something new, so give it a go and you might just find a natural flair for a new gaming genre.



On The Go Games

The number of smartphone users has catapulted in the last few years and that means a great deal to avid gamers. Being able to play your favourite mobile game when you are out and about is a real privilege, especially when you are trying to fill time on a commute to work or in a waiting room. There are literally thousands of apps that you can download from brain training games to puzzles, so the gaming world has opened up its doors to a whole load more users than there used to be. The target audience is much more widespread nowadays; children as young as three years old can play a puzzle game and eighty year olds are even playing Candy Crush!


Fantastic and Free

The online gaming world has given us the privilege of being able to try new things for free. Many of the top notch games will have a hefty price tag, there is no escaping that, but if you are looking for a fun and free game there are millions to choose from. Downloading a new free game to your phone is a daily occurrence for most smartphone users and it is an element of gaming that has allowed more people to try it out as a hobby.


Competitive Spirit

Another joy of online gaming is having the ability to play against your friends. The internet has allowed friends to connect online and play together even if they are thousands of miles away across the world. Introducing your friend to a new game is a modern day communicative form and it truly bonds friendships together for life. You don’t have to spend a fortune hanging out and doing expensive activities together; you can throw on your headsets, have a chat and immerse yourself into a new game that you both have a common interest in. You no longer have to battle against yourself or a computer; you can truly be challenged by real life, experienced gamers.



Admittedly, gaming is now widely considered a natural part of modern society and the leisure industry. Millions of people enjoy playing a game every day and new developments are constantly making the gaming world a bigger and bigger thing to be a part of. Gaming is no longer seen as a ‘nerdy’ activity, whereby people hide themselves away in their bedrooms for months and months on end. There is a lot more understanding on the subject as more and more people are enjoying partaking in games every single day. Instead of gaming being an isolating hobby, it is now a lot more social, due to the catapulting popularity of the internet and online gaming. We don’t know what the future will hold for online gaming, but it can only get bigger and better than it already is. It is a fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages and its vast versatility is something that makes it truly unique.

Everything You Need To Breed Success In Digital Education

Digital education is a fast-growing trend, and whether you are taking a full degree online or just topping up your knowledge in one of your life’s passions, you are in excellent company. Millions of people around the world are educating themselves online, and millions more plan on joining them in the foreseeable future.

So, if you are interested in investigating this learning medium, there has never been a better time than today. Whatever your interests, there are options, and the reality of online learning is that it’s not a question of ‘should you take a course,’ it’s more ‘where do I sign up.’

That said, there are a few things you should understand about educating yourself in the digital realm. And for this reason, I thought I would use today to explore some of the things you ought to be doing to ensure your success. The following ideas and strategies apply to virtually any course you can think of, so it makes no difference if you are doing a degree or taking part in a simple MOOC for fun. There is a reasonable amount to cover, so let’s get into it right away.



The basics

You don’t need much to start learning online, but there are a few essentials. A computer is one of them, and, of course, you will need a reliable and speedy Internet connection. There’s more information here on why speed is important for everything from watching TV to enjoying the benefits of a fully connected home, but it’s also essential for online learning. You will be downloading a lot of course materials, and possibly need to take part in live video conferencing or lectures, too. It’s imperative that buffering doesn’t ruin your experience, so make sure your broadband connection is as fast as possible.


Get technical

Another critical thing to consider is how comfortable you find using technology. Ultimately, your success will be down to a couple of things: your knowledge of the subject, and your ability to use a broad range of computer software on a daily basis. The chances are that you know how to use email, set up accounts on forums, and use a webcam - as well as how to make the most out of your computer’s word processor. But not everyone finds it easy, and if you count yourself amongst those people, it might just be worth looking into a course in basic technology first. Even if you are well-acquainted with using computer programs and online technology, it might be worth increasing your expertise. At the end of the day, the more you can get out of your tech and the quicker you can use it, the more time you can spend learning.


Setting expectations

Before you even begin your course, don’t assume that online learning is any easier than going to a regular university. It’s not. If you do a reputable institution, you will find that your tutors and course leaders have almost exactly the same expectations of you as they do their traditional students. So, you should also have those same expectations for yourself. Half-hearted attempts at learning anything will almost always result in failure, so be prepared to put a suitable amount of time aside for your studies.


Try before you buy

If you are having doubts about starting an e-learning course, consider trying one of the many free ones out there first. While none of them will give you the scope of, say, an online degree, they will provide you with a deeper insight into whether or not the medium is for you. Not everyone is suited to online learning - some don’t have the time to put aside, while others find they bounce ideas better in a real classroom. So, starting out small is advisable for a variety of reasons, and I would suggest anyone with interest in doing something like a degree checks out a free course first. Not only will it give you a few ideas on how easy or difficult it will be to learn at home, but it will also make sure you don’t blow a lot of money on a course that might not be to your tastes after all.



Do the research

As we discussed earlier, not every online course is equal. In fact, it’s fair to say that some are downright poor, but will still cost you a small fortune. The good news is that many of these borderline fraudulent online ‘schools’ are being smoked out, and people are cottoning on to the fact they might be ripped off and ending up with a non-certified qualification. It is vital that you do your research to ensure you don’t fall into a similar trap. For example, you could spend a lot of money and two years of your life doing a bunch of exams that aren’t recognized by any of the educational authorities. You should also understand that some of the free courses offered by the top universities won’t give you any qualifications, so if that is what you are looking for you will need to check the terms and conditions of every course you like the look of.


Have motivation

OK, so there are probably billions of people in the world who could look at a list of courses and think ‘I quite fancy that.’ But there is a chasm of difference between something piquing your interest and having the drive and determination to see it through to the end. And let’s be honest, learning in an online environment can be tougher than when you get to go to a classroom. It’s all down to you and your motivation, and you will need to propel yourself forwards to make sure your assignments are complete, and that you set aside enough time in the week to do some proper work. If you are umming and ahhing about taking the course, it’s probably best to wait a while until you have that steely determination in place.


Establish time management

When you are working on your education by yourself, you can be your own worst enemy. A lot of digital learning experts will tell you that the number one issue for e-learners is time management, and the reality is that it can be tricky to fit in dedicated time slots into a busy lifestyle. But the simple truth is that you have no choice. Unless you can establish a stable and regular working pattern - that you stick to for the duration of your course - you’ll find that you start slipping behind. And everything from the forum discussions you have with fellow students to understanding what your tutors are teaching will be a lot more difficult as a result.


Get involved

I covered communication between online learners in a previous blog post, and I’m going to repeat some of the thinking here, too - it’s that important. First of all, let’s clear something up. Online learning has something of a reputation for being a lonely experience, but these days this is not really the case. The truth is that whether you are joining forums with fellow students for discussions, or holding Skype feedback sessions with tutors, the digital education has a lot to offer when it comes to communication, comradery, and problem-solving. However, you do need to put yourself forward and get involved as much as possible. Shrinking violets can often hold back until it’s too late, and by the time they ask questions, the whole class has already moved on. Help is there for you if you need it, but you do need to speak up.



Create a positive workspace

Most people who do online courses do so from the comfort of their homes. But it’s important to avoid getting too comfortable! The trouble with learning at home is that there are constant distractions, and it’s easy to develop bad habits, whether it’s working on the couch or deciding to play with the kids. So, just like it’s important to establish time frames to work, you also need to develop a good place to work. It needs to be quiet, free from distractions, and also have a good Internet connection. Hopefully, you will have a room that offers all of this in your home, but if not, there is another option. Public libraries are, perhaps, the best alternative, although if your course gives you access to a university or college library, it’s well worth finding a regular desk there. The quiet atmosphere and access to many different resources will prove to be incredibly valuable.



As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to educating yourself online. The research begins long before you even choose a course, and the time you put aside for learning and communicating with classmates and tutors is incredibly important. It’s not necessarily a cheap option, either. A quick glance at course fees for studying at Bachelors level in real life and online reveals there isn’t much difference in cost. However, as long as you are motivated, inspired by your subject, and choose the right course from the right provider, learning online can be a fantastic adventure. Good luck!

3 Great Online Time Wasting Options

There are moments in life when there just isn’t anything to do. You’re stuck waiting at a bus station; your friends are taking longer than normal to come over; you’re supposed to be working or studying but you’ve embraced procrastination into your life. Hey, we all do it. Don’t feel bad.

You find yourself with - for whatever reason - a spare slice of time. The internet is in front of you. The entire knowledge that humanity has ever amassed is at your fingertips; think of what the science and arts masters of old would have done with such a portal! And then think: yeah, but… I just want to do something fun instead.

Again: we all do it. Sometimes you don’t want to learn; you don’t want to use the time productively to catch up on your emails; you just want to waste some time and clear your head for awhile. If that sounds familiar, then here are a few ideas to keep you busy without you actually being very busy at all.


Online Games


Flash as a whole might have died out in popularity (coming across a website built entirely from Flash is an immediate “back” button dealbreaker, for most of us) but it does still have a use: games.

They’re free - well, if you ignore the many ads that might be flashing across the screen. They’re not complicated and in-depth like your normal gaming choices might be. You can start, stop, forget they exist, or spend many hours going through the same repetitive motions. Or you can chance your hand if you’re feeling lucky, by tracking down the best online casino and seeing if your luck is going to bear out. Or if you just want something simple, it’s pretty hard to turn down a classic like Bubble Shooter when you just want something to distract you.


Help Solve Cold Cases

Think you might be a detective in the making? Then you could help solve cold cases, thanks to the Murder Accountability Project. For the moment it just features US crimes, but given that some of the most famous crimes of all time have happened in the States, that shouldn’t deter you. You can hunt for clues, read old files, and see if you can come up with a theory no one else has.


Citizen Science


Citizen science seeks to harness the power of the internet for good. All sorts of scientific fields are involved, outsourcing the bulk work that would otherwise be done by overqualified researchers who are best turning their brains elsewhere. There are plenty of studies online; there’s a good overview here at the BBC for some ideas. Some of the most popular projects have helped identify galaxies in deep space images, understand the way we perceive age for psychology, or helped to map the neural connections in the human brain.

If that all sounds like you need a lot of time - you really don’t. This is the kind of activity you can pick up, do for awhile, then put down. And for once, your procrastination will have actually been useful - it’s hard to say fairer than that!

Advice For Streaming Online Video

Most of us stream videos and movies online these days because it’s cheap. However, lots of people don’t get the most out of the experience. That is either because their equipment doesn't fit the bill or they’re making mistakes in other areas. The last thing anyone wants is for a Netflix and chill date to go wrong because the film won’t stop buffering. That could seriously cramp your style and ruin your chances of taking things further. With that in mind, the simple advice on this page will ensure you can stream online video uninterrupted. So, make sure remember this information the next time you plan to binge-watch or invite someone around.

online video


Make sure you have a fast enough computer

Slow computers can cause issues when trying to stream TV and movies online. Ideally, you need something with an i5 processor or higher. Thankfully, machines of that spec aren’t as expensive as they were. That means you should manage to pick something up for only a couple of hundred dollars. However, you can make the process cheaper by upgrading your current system. Just bear in mind that you’d have to take the case off the unit and mess around inside. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you might want to pay a professional. Even so, they shouldn’t charge the earth for the installation.


Check your WiFi speeds

You know the situation. You’re watching a brand new episode of Rio Rainbow Gate, and suddenly, the screen freezes. Well, that tends to happen because you don’t have enough bandwidth to stream the video. That often means you have other devices connected to the internet at the same time. You could contact your internet service provider and complain about the speed. Companies of that nature can make your WiFi work faster with a little encouragement. At the end of the day, your internet should be fast enough to stream anything and play online games at the same time.



Disconnect everything else from the internet

If all else fails, you just need to disconnect everything else from the web. Maybe your phone is performing an update or something similar? Perhaps a friend is playing Call of Duty in the next room? Either way, they’re using your bandwidth, and you need to stop them if you want to continue streaming. Maybe you could invite them to come and watch the move with you? If you don’t want to do that, just explain that your viewing habits are more important than their games…. And then run away fast! I joke.

You should have no issue streaming HD online video if you follow the steps mentioned on this page. Many movie and TV services will reduce the resolution of anything you watch to compensate for the lack of bandwidth. However, that just means you get a rubbish picture on the screen, and that can ruin whatever you’re watching. So, take my advice. Disconnect everything, upgrade your machine, and enjoy the show. If you do that, nothing should ever disturb your viewing time again.

Social Gaming: 5 Tips to Help You Throw an Amazing LAN Party

What gamer doesn’t love to throw an amazing LAN party for their friends? Hours and hours of high-octane gaming, screaming at the top of your lungs and chowing down on pizza and fast food snacks is how many people spent their childhood and teenage years—so why not revisit those moments and throw a LAN party?

One of the most incredible and memorable experiences a gamer can have is relaxing with a group of their friends while playing through some of their favorite games together. It could be online team-based games like League of Legends, old competitive gems like Starcraft or even modern party games like Rocket League. Whatever your choice, you’re bound to have a great deal of fun by inviting your friends over and setting up some space for them to use their computers.

LAN parties have been somewhat forgotten over the past couple of years due to the increase in distance between friends who move away for work or family related reasons, the rise of accessible internet gaming due to fast internet speeds and the lack of LAN support for many newly released games. But it’s still a nerdy gaming ritual that many people still indulge in when given the opportunity. So get a pen and paper out and start planning your glorious LAN party with your friends and family members with these five helpful tips.


1. Spacious Seating Arrangements

The more space you can clear the better. LAN parties usually involve people bringing over their own computers, so make sure you can provide them with desk, tables and chairs. You can check out this site for some excellent gaming chairs to fit your budget. The best thing about gaming chairs is that they’re as comfortable and durable as premium office chairs but come with unique design flairs, racing-inspired shapes and many LAN party creature comforts such as being able to recline the seat all the way down to create a makeshift “bed” to sleep in.

If you also plan to use a big-screen television to play console games or if you have a PC setup that uses controllers, you might also want to invest in some large beanbag seats or ensure that your sofa has been cleaned up and all the cookie crumbs have been hoovered up to create a clean and comfortable seat. LAN parties usually involve people sleeping over as well, so ensure that you have enough space for guests to stay over such as spare beds, guest rooms or sleeping bags.


2. Extra Hardware or Computers

One of the worst things that can happen during a LAN party is a piece of crucial hardware breaking or someone forgetting to bring a cable after driving halfway across town to get to your home. It halts the fun, someone will get left out and it won’t be the nostalgic experience that you had hoped for. Things like power cables, network cables, wireless adapters and even monitor cables are extremely important, and there’s always someone that manages to forget a vital piece of equipment for their computer.

If you’re the host of a LAN party then it’s common to always carry some spares or extras so that your guests can game away without worrying too much about hardware failures. You don’t need to have an extra computer or laptop (though that would be handy for anyone that couldn’t bring their computer) but some extra cables, controllers, keyboards and mice will go a long way if you host regular LAN parties in your home.


3. Ensure You Have a Fast Internet Connection

Since most online games require you to have a stable and decently fast internet connection, it’s going to slow down your gaming experience if you have multiple computers connected to a puny router that can’t handle all of the load. To remedy this, check if your internet service provider can upgrade your internet speeds before the LAN party starts. This way you can ensure that everyone in your home gets the optimal internet speeds to make downloading, updating and playing games smooth and fast.

If your router is old and can’t handle multiple wired internet connections, then consider using wireless. Using wireless isn’t recommended for serious gaming, so if you prefer a wired connection it’s a good idea to invest in a simple budget network switch so that everyone can connect to your home network.


4. Plan What Games You Want to Play

This is the second worst thing that can happen at a LAN party. If you aren’t playing games then you’re probably sitting around doing nothing. Make sure you make a list of games that you want to play together. You don’t need to conform to a schedule, but making sure that you and your friends share common interests is key to hosting a successful LAN party.

Don’t just pick from the latest releases because you’ve probably played those games to death. How about revisiting some old classics? Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was a popular staple for video game enthusiast and it can still hold its own against modern strategy RPG games of today. Old FPS games like Quake 3 Arena are still a blast to play as well. Though they aren’t as popular as newer team-based FPS games such as Overwatch, you can definitely squeeze an hour or two of nostalgic fun out of older titles. And best of all? Old games support LAN play which means that you’ll get buttery smooth lag-free connections to your friends.


5. Don’t Forget the Food!

How else are you going to fuel your all-night gaming sessions if you don’t eat? Gather up some oven pizza, microwaveable snacks and lots of sugary drinks to keep you and your guests playing all night long. You could also contact a takeaway or catering service if you have a lot of guests or if you want to ensure they have quality food instead of fast food.

You might also want to consider the dietary needs of people. For example, if you have guests that are vegetarian or vegan then you want to have some options ready for them too, and consider allergies as well.


Now go forth and have an awesome party!

Thanks for stopping by!