Can The New Year Bring In A New You?

The new year is a time of fresh beginnings, and there’s a whole year ahead of opportunities and unknown ventures. Yet, we often want to start the new year off with a bang and then keep the creative energy flowing by sticking to a few resolutions. So after the party is over, and you’ve cleaned up and had a few glasses of water, it’s time to start in on your plans. So if you know you want to make a change for the new year, but you just don’t know what you’d be able to keep up with, here are some ideas for you.



Read More and More

Reading can do a lot for you, such as help you better your memory retention and practical knowledge. It can just teach you more in general! So, if you want something manageable for the new year, pick up a book on the first of January and don’t put it down again until you’ve read at least 3 chapters. Continue in this habit every day, and make some effort to grab yourself a bit of spare time.

If you’re the type of person who exhausts your eyes staring at screens all day, this is a good way to rest them without closing them and taking impromptu naps all the time. Similarly, you can also unwind from busy days at work or your new workout routine by settling in with a good story.


Getting into a Workout Routine

Instead of spending your time scrolling through the are they on steroids blog and comforting yourself that you don’t have to look like that (which you don’t!), you could instead use of a little of that inspirational energy to work on yourself! Even the feeling can be a step towards self improvement after all.

A workout routine doesn’t have to be hard to stick to when you enjoy it, and plan out what you want to do from the beginning. Something different works for everyone, so whether it’s kickboxing or a bit of zumba, try out a bunch of classes before you settle.


Try a Lower Calorie Diet

Calories are easy to ingest and they’re in everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to chow down on the low cal foods we always see on the market. However, instead of just choosing to lose weight, aim to make yourself just a little bit healthier.

First of all, make a conscious effort not to squeeze in that last cookie, and save it for someone else or another time. Similarly, you can eat smaller portions at dinner and still feel full and energized by the end of it. Probably even more so, as your digestion isn’t taking up all of your energy anymore!


The new year is a perfect time for you to start working on yourself. Don’t let yourself put it off, and make it easy to stick to. Remember: you can always try out multiple things to see what works, and make it fun!