Bringing Old School Gaming Into Your Future

Would you believe that the first game console was released in 1972? It all started with the Magnavox Odyssey, and things have moved fast since then. So fast that those original 70s releases are now considered old. Before the introduction of apps and mobile gaming, you had groundbreaking consoles that changed the face of gaming forever. The good news is, many retro consoles still have their place in modern day gaming. Despite the advances that are forever being made, gamers seem to head back to the originals. It seems you just can’t beat the beginning! If you fancy a trip down memory lane, it’s time to get your retro game in gear. Here’s how to get started!

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No retro gaming collection would be complete without the consoles...obviously. So, these should be your first step. It’s worth noting that attaching the label of ‘retro’ to anything makes it valuable. And, with retro gaming such big business, chances are you won’t find these consoles cheap. That’s why it’s worth taking things one step at a time. Think about where you would most like to start your collection. It may be that the Sega Megadrive appeals to you the most. Or, you might want to aim for something a little more modern. Even the 90s releases of Playstation and Nintendo have earned their place in the retro hall of fame. It’s worth considering where you buy from. Sites which know how much retro consoles are worth will charge top dollar for their goods. Yet, many parents sell their kids old consoles without knowing what they’re worth. It may pay to head to yard sales, or second-hand stores. You never know, you might find a bargain!

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Of course, the console won’t do you any good without games to play on them. And, these may be even harder to get your hands on. For the most part, people either chuck games out, or realize how much they can charge. So, chances are you’ll end up paying full whack. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a few games included when you buy your console. It’s your best bet. Otherwise, the individual prices will leave you out of pocket. Bear in mind that the rarer a game is, the more it’s going to cost you. Do your research to find out what options will cost most. Chances are you're overpaying to collect games without this catalog! And, there’s a lot of help like it available. It’s also worth checking prices in as many places as possible. Comparing costs is the best way to ensure you’re finding bargains wherever you can.

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Of course, one of the best things about gaming is the community, right? The good news is, there’s a huge retro gaming community out there. Even better, it spans all age ranges. Newer consoles are generally followed by a younger community. But, the retro community has something for everyone. So, it’s a hobby you can take into later life with you, too!

The Science Behind Mobile Gaming

There is no denying that smartphone and tablet use is on the rise, and has been for some years now. It’s likely that most people you know will own such a device and use it for a plethora of purposes. What you may not realize is that many people use their mobile devices as a platform to spend some time gaming!

Gone are the days where you had to sit in front of a TV with a games console to spend some time playing your favorite titles. For some years, console brands like Nintendo and Sony have brought out a range of handheld gaming devices. Today, the emphasis on accessible gaming is even stronger than ever before! Thanks to technological innovations, smartphones and tablets now have hardware specs that rival those found in desktop and laptop computers.

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As a result, we are now able to play a range of resource-demanding games on our mobile devices. What’s more, we don’t have to invest in any additional hardware accessories to do so! Did you know that in 2015, over 164 million people in the U.S. alone played games on their mobile devices?

With all that information in mind, why is the mobile gaming industry so widespread and growing at such an exponential rate? Here’s an insightful look at the science behind mobile gaming:


Delayed gratification

The thing about any computer game is that you cannot finish it within the space of a few minutes. Often, you have to dedicate days, weeks, even months to the cause before you reach the end.

It’s that delayed gratification that draws us into computer games and makes us addicted to them in some respects. It applies not just to console or PC-based gaming titles but also to those on mobile platforms too. With thousands of mobile games to choose from, and that’s not even talking about the ones in the Apple App Store or Google Play, there’s something for everyone!


Ease of use

One of the reasons for the surge in mobile gaming popularity is the ease of use. We don’t have to learn how to use the device to play a game because we’re already familiar with the device’s controls.

Most mobile games are played on touchscreen phones and tablets, so there’s no need to learn what a particular button does in a game, for example.


There’s plenty of online help

Let’s say that you start a new and popular game on your iPhone, but you’re unsure how best to progress through each level. The good news is that the Internet makes it easy to discover walkthroughs or “cheat sheets” to new and existing games titles!

So, whether you wanted a Mobile Strike guide or a helping hand with Candy Crush Saga, you won’t have to scratch your head for very long!


Mobile gaming is social

Although it’s the last point in today’s article, it’s by no means the least important. One of the features of mobile gaming is that it’s a social exercise. The vast majority of titles for mobiles and tablets can be played with friends, family, and even strangers via the Internet.

It’s clear that the future of mobile gaming is big and isn’t about to decline anytime soon.

Advice For Streaming Online Video

Most of us stream videos and movies online these days because it’s cheap. However, lots of people don’t get the most out of the experience. That is either because their equipment doesn't fit the bill or they’re making mistakes in other areas. The last thing anyone wants is for a Netflix and chill date to go wrong because the film won’t stop buffering. That could seriously cramp your style and ruin your chances of taking things further. With that in mind, the simple advice on this page will ensure you can stream online video uninterrupted. So, make sure remember this information the next time you plan to binge-watch or invite someone around.

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Make sure you have a fast enough computer

Slow computers can cause issues when trying to stream TV and movies online. Ideally, you need something with an i5 processor or higher. Thankfully, machines of that spec aren’t as expensive as they were. That means you should manage to pick something up for only a couple of hundred dollars. However, you can make the process cheaper by upgrading your current system. Just bear in mind that you’d have to take the case off the unit and mess around inside. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you might want to pay a professional. Even so, they shouldn’t charge the earth for the installation.


Check your WiFi speeds

You know the situation. You’re watching a brand new episode of Rio Rainbow Gate, and suddenly, the screen freezes. Well, that tends to happen because you don’t have enough bandwidth to stream the video. That often means you have other devices connected to the internet at the same time. You could contact your internet service provider and complain about the speed. Companies of that nature can make your WiFi work faster with a little encouragement. At the end of the day, your internet should be fast enough to stream anything and play online games at the same time.



Disconnect everything else from the internet

If all else fails, you just need to disconnect everything else from the web. Maybe your phone is performing an update or something similar? Perhaps a friend is playing Call of Duty in the next room? Either way, they’re using your bandwidth, and you need to stop them if you want to continue streaming. Maybe you could invite them to come and watch the move with you? If you don’t want to do that, just explain that your viewing habits are more important than their games…. And then run away fast! I joke.

You should have no issue streaming HD online video if you follow the steps mentioned on this page. Many movie and TV services will reduce the resolution of anything you watch to compensate for the lack of bandwidth. However, that just means you get a rubbish picture on the screen, and that can ruin whatever you’re watching. So, take my advice. Disconnect everything, upgrade your machine, and enjoy the show. If you do that, nothing should ever disturb your viewing time again.

3 Hacks for Students to Enjoy Entertainment on a Budget

There are many times during our university years where we have a lot of free time. Typically, we like to fill this time by entertaining ourselves. We watch TV, listen to music, and have long gaming sessions.

But, being a student, we also often don’t have enough cash for everything we want and need. Luckily, I have some hacks that ensure you can entertain yourself without breaking the bank!


Make Use Of Free Music Trials

As a student, music is essential to campus life. Have you ever tried studying without listening to your favorite tunes? It’s near enough impossible, especially when you have noisy people in the dorm next to you! However, music costs money, and money is something students don’t have a lot of. Sure, there are sites like SoundCloud that provide free streaming for you to enjoy. But, you don’t get access to the latest hits and can’t download them. One trick I’ve learned is that paid subscription services all offer free trials. Google Play Music, Apple Music. Spotify and Deezer all offer decent trial periods. Plus, depending on your phone manufacturer/network, you often get extended deals. My advice is to use as many free trials as you can and experience all the benefits of a premium music service.


Free Movie Streaming

Everyone likes to Netflix and chill once in awhile. The problem is, a lot of students can’t afford to pay the streaming prices. Sure, Netflix is fairly cheap, but, it’s still too much for some of us. So, how on Earth are we going to watch films and TV shows without a streaming service? Well, there are two options available for you. Firstly, you can download one of the many Free Movie Apps out there. These are apps on your phone that allow you to watch a load of great movies without paying a penny. Secondly, you can try your luck on YouTube. Again, this is a free service, and some people may upload TV episodes for you to enjoy. Plus, there’s a load of original content to watch on YouTube that may whet your appetite. Personally, I’ve wasted away hours in between lectures just binge watching some of my favorite YouTubers.


Buy Pre-Owned/Free Games

Now, I know some of you might spot a slight problem here. If you can’t afford a Netflix or music subscription, how can you afford games? More to the point, how on earth will you afford a games console?! Well, my argument is that a lot of students have games consoles before they go to college. Plus, buying a pre-owned game is different to buying a subscription that you pay every month. You can save a lot of cash getting your games pre-owned instead of fresh. Plus, check the store on your games console now and then. Both Playstation and Xbox users can get free games every month or so. This means you can still game, without having to spend a fortune.


Following these tips, you’ll have all the entertainment you need, without needing to spend a lot of money. That way, you can spend more on all the other things you need to succeed and enjoy your time on campus.

What other tips do you have for saving money as a student? Let me know in the comments!