Everyday Skills and Activities That Can Boost Your Gaming

Gaming can give you a lot of awesome skills to use in your "real" life. But can you do things in the rest of your life that might help you to improve your gaming? If you're a gamer and you want to get better, it's not only playing games all day that could help you to improve your skills. There are lots of ways to develop the necessary skills in real life, which you could then apply to your gaming, whether it's for money or just for fun. So even when you're not playing games, you could be working on some vital skills using the right methods.

Watch Other Gamers

Before you consider anything outside of gaming, you could find that watching other gamers helps you to improve your skills. You can see the techniques that they use and watch how they figure things out to see if you can make changes to your own techniques. Many top gamers stream their play on Twitch, Youtube or other sites, where you can watch and learn from them. You might also be interested in gaming tournaments and meetups, where you can watch other gamers play and maybe even get someone to teach you some new things.


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Play Other Types of Games

Even though you might like to spend your time playing Call of Duty, Fortnite or GTA, there are plenty of other non-video games that can help you develop your gaming skills. Both online and computer games, as well as more traditional board games and card games, might help you build some essential gaming skills. Playing casino games is one example of how playing different games can grow your skills. If you want to play online, take a look at online casino reviews to find the best ones. You want a reputable option that you can trust. Of course, you don't have to play for money.

Play Sports

Gamers are often seen as nerdy people who don't ever go outside, but in reality, all sorts of people play video games. Believe it or not, being sporty could help you develop your skills with a controller. Playing sports and being active helps you with your motor skills, your coordination, speed and reaction times. It can also help you to improve your teamwork if you're playing with other people, which is useful for playing any video games where you might need to work as a team.


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Practice Problem-solving

Problem-solving is an essential skill for many games. You need to work out how to complete tasks, beat villains and finish puzzles to get to the end of a game. You can learn good problem-solving skills from games that you can use in the rest of your life, but you can also pick up skills from elsewhere that you can apply to your gaming. You might find yourself having to solve problems at work, around the house or in other areas of your life. Being able to solve problems in real life should help you out when you're gaming too, helping you think more creatively.

Try Multitasking

Doing things that require some form of multitasking can improve your gaming performance too. Although the human brain isn't really designed for true multitasking, like watching TV and reading a book at the same time, there are lots of things we can do at the same time perfectly well. You might get practice with multitasking doing something like playing a musical instrument, where you might be reading music, playing and even singing at the same time. When you're playing games, you can find you need to do several things at once too, so your practice in other areas will help you.

Learn Good Strategy

Having the right strategy can be important for a lot of video games. If you're not a naturally gifted strategist, you can develop your strategy skills in a few different ways. Some games other than video games can be useful, such as chess or checkers. You can also find opportunities to think more strategically while you're working or studying, developing plans to help you meet goals, work with other people, and take a smart approach to getting things done. If you really want to develop your strategic thinking, you could even take a course or workshop.


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Boost Your Concentration and Focus

A lot of people seem to think that younger generations lack the ability to concentrate and have short attention spans. But as most gamers will know, focusing on something that you want to do is not something that you struggle with. However, improving your concentration and focus can help you with your gaming, as well as other areas of your life. To improve your concentration, you can work on things that require intense focus, from arts and crafts to studying for exams. You can also make some lifestyle choices that improve your focus, like getting enough sleep and having the right diet.

Improve Your Memory

Good memory is often necessary for gaming too. You might need to remember a series of steps that you took to get a particular action to take place, for example. You can find many ways to improve your memory, and it will be good for your studies, as well as your gaming skills. Making sure to keep your brain active should help you boost your memory, so look for things that will give it a good workout. You can also improve your memory by eating the right foods, such as fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, sleeping well, and engaging in physical exercise too.

Build Social and Teamwork Skills

If you enjoy playing team games, when you might team up with people in the same room or online, you can improve your teamwork skills so you can play better with other people. Things that might improve your teamwork skills include working with others while studying or working, playing sports or even just completing everyday tasks with other people.

Boost your gaming skills by working on important skills in other areas of your life. You might notice a huge difference in your performance.

Reasons Grown Ups Should Play Games More

Gaming has often been as a past-time of teenagers or older children. Sometimes for adults is can be seen as a bit of a guilty pleasure and not something that we want to own up to. They are the recreational equivalent of consuming empty calories, or so it can be seen. But in reality, there are many benefits to gaming, and adults need to do it more, if they’re not already.

Video game design is getting better and better, and they can almost be movie-like in the stories that they tell. So as long as you’re able to control and limit the time that you’re on it, much like the livedealer.org site, then a little isn’t going to hurt. Here are some of the reasons why gaming could be good for you.




Like you might do with an item of clothing, the price per use of games is pretty high. There is an upfront cost, similar to that of a concert ticket or a couple of movie theater tickets. But the game goes on and on, for as long as you want it to last. Even if it is a game that you can do until completion, you can do it again and again if you’d like. So the value for money with gaming is low, as far as a recreational activity goes.



Back in the day gaming was seen as quite an isolated activity, with images of loners sitting alone in the dark playing games. But in fact, these days, it is a pretty social activity. Most games have a multiplayer function, so you can invite people round or have other family members join in the fun. There are even games like guitarhero.com that allow you to be a little more active, and interact with others. Those kinds of games are only going to be fun with other people around.



The Future of Technology

The gaming industry is always changing, and it can give us an insight into technology and what is changing. If you’re a gamer, you’ll see just how much of an impact virtual reality is having on us, and you can look at the possible opportunities for using that in everyday life. Even games that are traditionally seen as games for children, like Minecraft, are being used in testing for AI Bots. The future of banking and retail could be going along the lines of chatbots, so gaming offers insight into those kinds of thing.



After work or college, when your mind has been so focused on certain things, it can be nice to come home at the end of the day and relax. Gaming, like movies or television shows, can offer an element of escapism. It can be a way for some people to relax, while still using your brain in a different way. When you combine gaming as a hobby, alongside reading, exercise, and other things, it is important to remember that it is OK to play from time to time.

It's Time to Get Involved in Spectator Sports!

Most of us engage with some sort of sport. Whether that’s a team sport such as soccer, basketball, or volleyball, or an individual sport such as archery, climbing, or kayaking. However, sometimes the intense physical aspects required to engage with them might put us off. Whether we’re feeling a little under the weather or simply want to kick our feet up and relax, there are bound to be a whole host of times when heading outdoors in a huge exertion of energy just isn’t something we’re interested in. However, you don’t have to cut sport out of your life entirely in times like this. In fact, you can engage with a sport in a completely different way - as a spectator. Here are a few different sports that you might want to try watching instead of physically engaging with at some point!



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Baseball is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world. While the premise of the bat and ball game is relatively simple, the feeling of being a part of a particular team’s fanbase is all-encompassing. You really get drawn into the game as you cheer along and chant. One of the great things about baseball is that it’s relatively unpredictable. In most sports, you can take a look at individual sports people's track records and gauge the outcome of each match or game. However, with baseball, you can really be taken by surprise, with league champions falling and the underdogs having the day regularly. To experience baseball at its best, try to secure dodger tickets that will provide you with seats to some of the best games.



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Boxing matches are thrilling - you get to see two athletes in their prime go head to head in a battle of both the body and the will. It’s not surprising that this is a sport that organisers really make a show out of. For weeks ahead of any big fight, you can tune into interviews, weigh-ins, and pre-match standoffs between the individuals lined up. On the night, you can either head along to a live venue or tune in on your television, with matches often being streamed worldwide for those at home. The music and entrances really get your adrenaline pumping! You then get to watch a highly technical sport, learning a whole lot about technique and statistics from the commentators along the way.



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Archery is a more obscure sport that not all too many people pay attention to. But this is simply because it isn’t as hyped up as many other major sports. Archery really can be brilliant to watch, especially if you’re looking for something that is more focussed on calculated finesse than pure adrenaline. It is perhaps most widely televised during major events such as the Olympics, but there are Youtube channels dedicated to providing access to all sorts of archery championships.


These are just three sports that are widely televised, or that you can attend in-person if you’re lucky enough to get tickets. So, choose one and get involved!

Do You Have A Love For Gaming?

If you know you’re a bit of a gamer geek, then there are ways in which you can nurture this love and grow it into something better. Gaming for a lot of people offers an escape from the real world. A place to make friends that you don’t feel as though you need to impress, and a place where you can let your imagination run wild. If this sounds like you, then we know how you can take your gaming experience to the next level. There’s so many new worlds out there for you to immerse yourself into, and so many opportunities for you that you might have been missing, If you’re intrigued, then read on to find out how you can grow your love for gaming.


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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting and futuristic things to bless the gaming world. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out. It allows you to literally be immersed into another world. Well, not literally, but it isn’t far off it. All you need to do is pop the headset on, turn on the headphones, and you truly will feel like you’ve left the earth. The great thing about this is that there’s so much variety to choose from in terms of what you do on the virtual reality headset. There are plenty of free games you that can download, but if you get a unit like the Playstation VR, there’s tons of paid games. Even if you don’t fancy having a go on the game, you can go on a nice nature walk through a documentary, and it’ll really feel as though you’re there. A lot of the games that you can buy are fully online, so you get that feeling of teamwork that a lot of people like about gaming. The one major downside to this marvellous piece of technology is the price. If you’re buying one outright, you’re going to be spending a lot of money. You can grab yourself one that’s second hand, but it is still a tad expensive. The games that you can buy are also pricey, but none more so than the normal PC or console games that you’d buy. They’re all fully interactive, and the characters move as you make the motions. It just makes things so much cooler and life like.


Making Money

If you really do have a love for gaming, and it is all you do whilst you’re at home, then why not try and make some money through it. There are a few ways of doing this. Firstly, you can think about becoming a vlogger. There are a lot of people out there that search for game tutorials, and turn to vlogs for guidance with regards to which game they should buy next. Whilst it may be hard to get the following up to a decent amount, it is still a worthwhile venture that won’t cost you much. Just use Twitter and other social media platforms to try and boost your views. You can then turn your vlog into a blog, and make money that way. Next you can think about some of the more unconventional gaming methods that make people money. Gambling is a form of gaming, and if you do it right you can make a lot of money from it. For example, the grand ivy casino has plenty of games for you to try your hand at if you’re interested. It is obviously the more risky way of trying to make money, but it does give you the same thrill as playing a normal console game would. Just make sure you’re always betting the money you can, and don’t get carried away with trying to win. If you lose, you lose, that’s just something you’re going to have to come to terms with when it comes to gaming through gambling.


The Future

The future of gaming is a pretty exciting place. There’s so much going on that means we’re going to have better games, better game play experiences, and more immersive games through the use of things such as virtual reality. Virtual reality at the minute is just 3D, but there are talks of trying to make it a 4D game play experience in the future. How many years that will take is a different story, but the prospect of being able to touch and feel things within the game you’re playing is exciting. In the short term, there are talks that Spyro is being remastered, whether that’ll come out in 2018, or 2019 who knows! There are also talks of more Crash Bandicoots being released in late 2018.