Movie Review Monday: Mike Birbiglia Double Feature

indexSo this week I wanted to highlight what I think will be a unique, smart, heartfelt double feature on Netflix featuring one of my favorite comedians; Mike Birbiglia. 4ICD07The two films available for streaming are 2012's Sleepwalk with Me and 2013's My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

Sleepwalk with Me is a dramatized story of real events from Birbiglia's life when he struggled with sleepwalking due to stress. It captures moments from when he was just starting out in comedy and was hustling to get gigs wherever and however he could, most coming at a personal cost. It is at times somber, other times awkward, and other times just pure comedy all of these in the best ways. It resonates in a similar way to Birbiglia's comedy, rightfully so since it is a main plot point, and is an interesting perspective into what it can take to achieve your dreams.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a more straight forward stand-up performance from Birbiglia. It has the same characteristics though of being full of genuine emotion, as he tells stories about his escapades in love throughout his life. He is able to authentically showcase the ups, downs, and genuine irrationality that can come with being in love. It all has a fun comedic twist, with Birbiglia finding the comedy in many aspects of his life, which makes it not only entertaining, but able to connected with on a purely human level, since we can all empathize with his struggles.

Check out these two awesome movies streaming on Netflix right now! Hopefully you enjoy my brand of comedic preferences and come back next week for more recommendations!