Turn Your Experise Into Cash

People tend to get trapped into believing that the only way to make money is by getting up, going to work, and bringing home the bacon. Well we’re here to tell you: that is complete nonsense. Being told “follow your dream” or “turn your passion into your job” might sound like cliched, unhelpful advice, it isn’t a million miles away from the truth. Because the truth is that anybody, absolutely anybody can take what they love and make money from it. We’re not saying you’ll become a millionaire (though dream big!), but if you’ve got a passion that you know others also enjoy, you could build a sizable side income that could one day become a full time gig. Sound good? Of course it does! Here’s how it’s done.

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Helping out the Newbies

Most people go to a tutor to help with their English or Science or whatever else, but they also need help getting better at whatever their passion is. No, forget that - they want help. It can be anything from language to guitar to helping a would-be Hemingway improve his or her creative writing skills. If you live in a busy urban area, post an ad around town and in the shops related to your activity. Charging by the hour for a few hours a week can bring in a healthy monthly top up to your income.


On the Web

If your passion is travelling, then why on earth have you not started a travel blog? In all likelihood, you have a ton of knowledge about how to get to A from B cheaply, the best hotels to stay in during a trip to Prague, the absolutely most amazing ship trips you can take in South America, and so on. People who want to travel want to read that stuff, and before they’re on their own adventures, they’re reading it a lot - online! Make yours the site they get the info from.

Source: Pexels.com


Make it to Print

You don’t have to sit around waiting for a book publisher to give you a deal: do it yourself! By releasing a book to the world, you can make a passive income that most people would take as their full time wage. If you’re an expert on, say, World of Warcraft, then put down all your knowledge into a few chapters, get an online book printing quote, and get it out there for all the other World of Warcraft obsessives to buy.


And...No Imposter Syndrome, Please

There are plenty of people out there who think “but I can’t write a book/start a blog/sell my expertise, there are others out there better than me…”. Maybe there are, but they’re not the ones taking a proactive approach: you are. In the process of getting your expertise out there, you’ll learn that you really do have a lot to offer on the subject, especially if it's been your passion for years and years. In any case, you shouldn’t care if you’re suffering from imposter syndrome - so long as the money keeps rolling in and people love what you’re doing!