Bits and Bytes: Why You Should Build a Gaming Rig

If you want to build a gaming PC, there's never been a better time. In fact, if you want to game - it's never better to do it than right now!

So it begs the question - why should you build your own gaming rig if there are plenty of options to purchase in the form of a pre-made PC or console? You can get into your gaming right away!

Well - prebuilt gaming rigs are subject to huge markups. Usually double, in fact. Check the components of the best gaming rigs you can buy right now and there's a stone cold guarantee that you could put the parts for cheaper and put the thing together yourself. In no uncertain terms - you'll pay less and get the same - especially if you were looking to buy a PC from a brand name.

Prebuilt PC's do have their benefits though, as not everyone has the time to build a computer from scratch. It can be quite scary on paper - but it is very similar to playing with building blocks. All the components slot into the motherboard and just need to be hooked up. Of course you'll need a screwdriver here and there but it sounds a lot scarier than it is. Just make sure you know what components work on your system.


Building a PC is also good as the PC is far more transparent than consoles. If a console breaks down, it needs to be sent off in order to be fixed. If your PC fails, you can simply fix the issue with a new component or work around. It's good to get your hands dirty. Shopping for parts that you need will ensure that you do your research. You'll be the expert and know the PSU that has the best lifespan or the graphics card unit that can run your favorite games. This knowledge is valuable and will allow you to solve your own issues with the computer instead of the quick fix presented by buying a computer that can't be opened up easily. Research from the ultimate guide to choosing the best and perfect monitor for gaming right through to finding out what RAM setup is best for your specification is a great way to learn more. There are plenty of issues that come with fixing your own PC, but because you have handled each part, you'll be the master of it and know exactly how it works.


Of course, building your own computer allows you to build to your exact specifications. Maybe you don't want the brand name computer thats costs one thousand extra because of some lights or a unique case? Building your own PC allows you to spend on what you want and pay more for the components that you value more. You aren't restricted in scope.

Building your own gaming PC is also incredibly satisfying. Once you pile all your components into the case, start it up and play your games - just know that you, and you only, made it all possible.