A Guide To The Ultimate Geek Cave

Do you crave your own little bit of space? A haven in the home where you can squirrel yourself away, partake in a hobby or two and simply unwind. With the stresses and pressures of modern life, it’s more important than ever to create some daily ‘me’ time. The best way to achieve this is to allocate an area of the home, whether it’s a room or a loft or a shed, which you can transform into a super geek cave. We’re not talking ever-flowing beer, a pool table and a couch; that’s student digs. We are talking the ultimate geek cave. Take a look to see how you can create your very own den of geekdom.


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If you are the ultimate geek, you may have a collection of something; you might pride yourself on having every single action figure ever released by the Star Wars franchise, boxed and unopened. You may have all of the NFL gaming cards from 1989 through to the present day. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, ensure you make space to enjoy your collection. Set up a display area, hang up your Star Trek autographed photos and enjoy looking at them every time you settle into your geek cave for some chill time.


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TV And Audio Kit

If you are something of a movie buff and love nothing more than unwinding in front of a great thriller, old classic noir or a 1980s cheesy blockbuster, then you need some equipment to make your film experience exceptional. Take a look at the soundbars and stereo systems available that you can hook up to your flatscreen TV. You want to achieve a fully immersive experience, so you feel like you’re actually part of the movie. 3D TVs have come a long way in recent years, so if your budget allows, consider venturing into the third dimension of viewing.

You might prefer to watch your favorite sport. You could be a baseball nut, a soccer fan or an NBA follower. You could take great pleasure in opening up your geek cave to your pals on a Saturday afternoon, having a dabble in some online betting, cracking open a few beers and enjoying some chill time with those you can have a laugh and a joke with.


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No geek cave is complete without the opportunity for a good gaming experience. After a long day at work, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than slumping into your gaming chair and getting into a vintage role-playing game or a sporty classic. It doesn’t matter whether your console of choice is the PS4, the Xbox or even the humble PC, it’s vital that you have a comfortable space in which to play your games. Grab yourself a comfy gaming seat, lower the lighting and get immersed.

The point of a geek cave is to create a highly personalized space that endeavors to make you relaxed and it has to be somewhere that allows you to forget about the stresses of modern life. See if there’s a space that you can allocate for yourself and get started on your very own geek cave.