Dr. NerdLove - "Leveling Up: Giving Up Control"

"Accept rejection. Learn from it whenever you can. But don’t waste time trying to avoid it."

This recent article from the fantastic site, Doctor NerdLove, goes into a topic that can resonate for a lot of people for different reasons. Learning to let go can be one of the most challenging tasks, no matter what it is you're holding on to. With this struggle however, comes great rewards. The feeling of freedom from negative thoughts, suffering, and generally unnecessary brain baggage can allow for success in all parts of your life. Accepting challenge as an opportunity, rejection as a teachable moment, and focusing on what you can control (yourself) rather than holding on to everything else outside hoping it will change will make you into a more confident, productive, and happy person. I guarantee it!

Check out Dr. Nerdlove on social media and at his site for plenty more romantic resources. 

Take care!

Great Higher Ed. & Nerd Literature!

So, I don't read often, but when I do, I tend to try to find light, relevant, and engaging books to breeze through quickly and get something out of them. All of these books fit that mold and I have read them within the past few years as I formed the desire to make this blog. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did and let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendations! Image

1. The Introverted Leader by Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler

This book was given to me by a past supervisor who helped me start to realize my potential despite my introvertedness, which I had originally saw as a setback. It's a fun read that has a a lot of useful activities in it. It's also a useful book for anyone who works with introverts, which is everyone! Check it out!


2. The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick

My love for Chris Hardwick has been noted here previously for his great YouTube channel of the same Nerdist namesake. I met him recently and had him sign a copy of this great self-help book that is full of his signature comedy. This book also has some great practical tips and tricks as well as geeky activities to maintain your interest like making your own D&D "character sheet" for yourself. It will change your life is you ever felt less than for being a nerd!


3. My Freshman Year by Rebekah Nathan

I read this book a short while back for a class I was taking called "American College Student" and this anthropological look inside the world of current undergraduate life is a fun read from an outsider's perspective. The premise is an anthropology professor (Nathan) at a public research university goes undercover as a first-year student and chronicles her journey through a semester living in a residence hall and taking classes. It's an affirming detail of many of the aspects of modern collegiate affairs so for anyone looking to get an inside look, give this book a read! It's a quick read too and can also be just appreciated by anyone who loves the world of college.

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope


Good day to you!

In honor of the upcoming convention, I just watched the great Morgan Spurlock documentary on San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hopeand I must say, it was a delight! It totally encapsulates the power an accepting community can have and had some nice stories of the nerds who attend for all different reasons, be it love or ambition or anything in between.

Check it out, true believers!