What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 08/07/15


Hey there, folks!

Here's what was going on in my world this week:

I blew through the entirety of this offering this past Sunday with my partner. We also recently watched the famed cult original movie together (I had seen it prior, my partner had not) so we were excited to check out this prequel series. It continues the enjoyable absurdist comedy tradition of the original and many of David Wain and company's work. I definitely recommend watching the original movie and the new series. You'll be glad you did!

I bought an Amazon Fire TV stick recently since I got rid of my PlayStation 3, which served as my media center hub. I now have a Blu-Ray player and media streaming sticks (my other one is a Roku Stick) for my two TV sets. While neither work perfectly, for the price, size, and convenience, I feel very happy with both purchases. Where the Roku is a basic, straightforward experience, Amazon is totally integrated with their digital libraries (television, movies, and music all included). The major caveat being you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of all of their content. Otherwise, you would need to purchase/rent exclusively from Amazon for it to feel worth it. The streaming media game is only going to grow so it is fascinating to see the competition create new ways to get content to consumers.

As I emotionally come to terms with Jon Stewart's departure from the Daily Show, I just started to dig into the podcast for his show (which only features Stewart in the most recent episode) and delves into the behind-the-scences production of the television show. They cover everything from pizza, rejection, bagels, and their veteran immersion program. It's a neat look into a one of a kind show and I know it will help me cope and appreciate a show I love even more.

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