What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 09/18/15



Here's what is going on in my world this week:

I've been diving in with various courses on this online learning platform lately, completing three courses already within about a week's time, and starting work on three more courses. I want to expand my formal knowledge about workplace success, marketing, and social media. Coursera is providing an awesome, cheap, and nimble way to achieve this goal for myself. I wrote up a post on sites like this for the cool cats over at Nerd for a Living, so check that out for some more thoughts.

What has become a informal holiday for Apple tech geeks like myself, the yearly launch of the newest iteration of the iPhone operating system happened this week, and I updated my devices as soon as possible. iOS 9 is a more subtle improvement, but it is always nice to get a big refresh even if I don't get a new device in a given year. Apple is continuously improving everything they do, and it is a big reason I am an avid fan of their brand.

I got recommended this new podcast recently which is a Q&A show hosted by the Internet famous Hank and John Green. I'm a fan of much of what these two do (Mental Floss is a big one for me) so I was excited to check out their podcast. It is equal parts funny, poignant, and genuine. It perfectly embodies the brand(s) they have made together and on their own. Any fans of these two, either together or apart, should definitely check this show out.

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