7 Smart Tips for Making Great Coffee to Study at Home

Coffee and school work often go hand in hand! Whether out of sheer pleasure or simply to stay alert, many students are big coffee drinkers. This is actually a good idea, since coffee does have some positive health effects asides from its obvious stimulating qualities. Just make sure to also eat right and remember that extensive sleep deprivation will deteriorate your health.


If you’re a student looking to get the most enjoyment and increased productivity from your coffee cups, this post will point out some useful tricks. You may be surprised at how simple some of these techniques are, but all details matter when you’re looking to brew the perfect coffee.


Buy good coffee beans

You can’t make something out of nothing, and you can’t make good coffee unless you have good coffee beans. Make sure you get some top quality coffee beans whose smell feels right to you, and you’ll be on the way to excelling at coffee making. Buying whole (rather than ground) coffee beans may not seem as practical as you’d like, but it’s more than worth the effort, all things considered!


Grind your coffee just before brewing

The reason why you want to always grind your coffee beans immediately before brewing your coffee is simply because this is how you get the best aroma and taste. Ground coffee beans will lose flavor and aroma in as little as one hour, so if you are serious about getting the best results… grinding coffee must become part of your act. By doing so, you can also adjust the fineness of the grind to match the ideal specification of your coffee machine.


Store your coffee properly

There’s no point in getting the best coffee beans and grinding them scrupulously unless you’re also very careful when it comes to proper storage. To preserve the full potential of your coffee beans, make sure to put then in an air-tight container (vacuum sealed is best), and keep them stored in a cool dry place, away from the sunlight. To learn more, check out our specialized articles on TheCoffeeMaven.com!


Use the right proportion of coffee to water

While the perfect concentration of coffee will change according to preference and mood, you may want to aim for the water-to-coffee ratio that is widely regarded as the golden ratio of coffee brewing. One part coffee to 20 parts water will typically yield the most universally pleasing coffee.


Control the temperature of your water

You’d think that automatic coffee makers would get this right by default, right? As a matter of fact, there is an ideal temperature for coffee brewing, and it’s actually a precise range that you want to lock into – aim to keep the water between 195-205ºF to get the best possible results.


Use quality tools

No matter which type of coffee maker you like, and regardless of whether you favor automatic machines or manual methods, having high quality tools with precise temperature control is a must. Even when using simple glass or metal tools, keep all parts thoroughly clean since it will make a big difference in the taste of your coffee.


Focus on technique

Even though brewing coffee seems like a very straightforward process, there are many details that will make a difference to the final outcome. Proper timing is one of the most powerful techniques to make superior coffee; you want to heat the water to the perfect temperature and steep the freshly ground coffee beans for the exact time.

Over time, your coffee making technique will evolve into a soothing ritual whose results will speak for themselves and get everyone’s taste buds dancing the fandango… just remember: great coffee is all about the small details.