7 Productivity Hacks Anybody Can Use

Do you wish that you were a more productive person? Whether you want to be more productive at work, home, or both, the hacks in this post could be suited to you. Not everybody is naturally productive, and in this day and age, distractions can plague us at every turn. To help you get more done, read on and you’ll find some hacks that can help just about anybody:


1. Set Yourself A Time Limit To Complete A Task

There are lots of time blocking methods you can use to complete tasks, and one of them is by setting yourself a time limit. Different limits work for different people. For instance, some set a 45 minute timer, work non stop, then take a 15 minute break. Some do 25 minutes working, then a 5-10 minute break. The key is to ensure your work blocks don’t feel too long, and that your breaks are decent but that they aren't so long that you become completely disengaged from your work.





2. Keep The Novelty Up With Your Setting

The setting you work in can help you to get more done. Usually, if a place has novelty, you’re more likely to stay focused. This is why some people like to do a little work in one place, before moving one or two more times throughout the day. It stops you from feeling stuck in one place for too long. You could start working at the library at the great equalizer before moving on to a coffee shop.


3. Plan Your Time Carefully

Creating a plan for your time in advance is a good idea. Write down every single thing you have to do that day, even including food and small tasks. Then allocate time slots. This will give you a realistic idea of when you should be finished with tasks, and could help you to get more done.


4. Find The Right Productivity Playlist

Listening to a playlist while you work can be a great pleasure, but you need to make sure that it’s motivating and not distracting. You might like Mozart, or you may prefer to listen to dance music. Music with little words is usually better for mentally taxing projects.


5. Start Your Day Early

Starting your day early can help you to get things done before the whole world has woken up, and that can make you feel great, which in turn encourages you to get even more done. Some of the most successful people get up at 5am. You could even make a start on Sunday to make Monday less terrifying.


6. Work Standing Up

Stand up desks are somewhat of a trend these days, because studies have proven that standing up while we work increases productivity and is better for long term health.


7. Get Some Exercise Before Starting The Day

Before you start the day, get some exercise. Even if it’s just a small amount, getting your blood pumping should help you to feel productive for the rest of the day.