Thoughts on the Movie "Admission"

ADMISSION-Poster-580x330 So I finally watched Admission the other day, as it had long been sitting in my watch list but it never found its way to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime (as far as I could tell), so I rented it from iTunes with a gift card I had. I had high hopes for the movie and felt intrigued (as I often am) about it since it was all about higher ed. I always find myself interested in how movies and television shows depict college, and this movie was just another recent movie on the list to check out. With all that considered, I felt the need to write down my thoughts on the movie since it seems especially relevant to me and my intended audience for this site.

Unfortunately, Admission is a mixed bag for me. It felt original and fresh in some ways, but frustrating in others. Part of both the good and bad with this is that the story doesn't give you what you expect. There are twists and turns but some of them feel unnecessarily forced. The plot feels very jerking in the sense that it seems to be going somewhere and then just stops, and then goes somewhere else, and then stops. There is a lot going on in the story that all does get resolved, but I'd say it doesn't get resolved terribly well.

The basic premise is that Tina Fey plays an admissions staff member at Princeton University and has her world turned upside down by an old college acquaintance, played by Paul Rudd, who reaches out to her about a special student of his. Much of the story is revealed in the trailer, and the whole experience is enjoyable but as a dramatic comedy, it doesn't go far enough in on either of these to either just be fun or deep.

Admission does feel like it has something to say about higher education and their admission processes but it gets lost amongst the jumble of everything else for me. The whole final product feels like it must have been tinkered with too much with edits and notes from too many people to where the message gets too mixed up in the end. The best takeaway I gathered after I watched Admission is that colleges should try to take a chance on students that have potential and would benefit from the higher education experience, rather than those students who have been given every opportunity already and college is just another road mark to them.

I'd be interested to hear other's thoughts on the movie if they've watched it.

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