What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 12/19/14


Hey there! Here is what's going on in my world!

I watched this movie with my partner the other night and it was a heck of an emotional ride. I haven't read the book so I don't know how it is different or the same, but I found the movie to be a great depiction of love, loss, and the importance of opening ourselves up to the world versus closing ourselves off to avoid being hurt. The whole film just feels well done and is just the right amount of everything for anyone, so whoever you watch it with, they should like it. I haven't read any of John Green's work but I'd be intrigued to watch the movie of his next book, Paper Towns.

I've been following this story through all of the entertainment sites I follow, mostly out of curiosity as to how it will be handled. I'm not really interested in seeing the film but just on principle, it is intriguing to see how Sony handles the hack, the threats, and the media firestorm over it all. Recently Sony cancelled the worldwide release of The Interview, stating they have no plans at this time to release the film in the near future in any form. I can understand why they made that decision based on the possibility of something bad happening and limiting your liabilities, but the vague threats from the group and no real idea of what they're capable of, it seemed like a flinch on the part of Sony to give this group called The Guardians of Peace, what they want. I'm not too choked up about it, but it is an intriguing story to follow and I'm sure it's not over yet.

  • Finality, Conclusions, and Closure

 The year is coming to a close, and I've reflected on the past year and will soon look ahead at 2015 (blog post to come). What I like about this time of year is wrapping things up (pun intended) and finishing things. You can let go of things that held you back, get rid of things you no longer need, and move on less burdened. It's something that is more intuitive for me than it may be for others, but I definitely encourage you to finish those things on your to do list you've been waiting to do, let off some of that nagging weight, and march onward with less. Minimalism is where it's at!

* PS: This will be the last geek out post for the year, and I'll be back the first full week of January (post will be up on Jan. 9). Next Monday's movie review will be the last until that same week as well. Taking a short holiday break from bloggy stuff and coming back strong in 2015!

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