What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 11/21/14


Welcome to another week in geek!

This week's I have some random stuff that I'm into lately. Enjoy!

I rented this movie earlier this week and just sat to watch it the other day. I also recently saw 21 Jump Street for the first time and loved both! They're self-aware, buddy cop action comedies that don't take themselves too seriously. Both of the films have been breakaway hits and they even joke in the movie about indefinite sequels (one of my favorite parts of the already hilarious film). There are great cameos, a solid ensemble, and just hilarious commitment to the bits by stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I definitely recommend checking it out, it's well worth your time and absolutely worth a night's rental.

Facebook just released their latest standalone app for mobile devices, which like Messenger & Pages, allows for a better experience using some of Facebook's best features while on your smartphone. Groups is a fantastic aspect of Facebook, allowing for more contoured discussions and close-knit circles to come together versus the hundreds of friends and pages cluttering up the news feed. The app also helps you find new groups and just is a solid tool to have especially if you manage groups yourself or just have a lot that you're a part of.

I haven't talked a lot about this show on here, but this is one of my favorite series of all time. The show ran on ABC from 2004-2010, and has some of the best character explorations I've ever seen. The mysteries keep you engaged and the story is a powerful one once it is all said and done. I'm currently getting my partner into the show and we're chugging along the first season. She's been enjoying it and it's neat to be with someone seeing it all for the first time. I rewatch the show often and it holds up to repeated viewings. I even see new things I missed the first time around, such as narrative seeds they plant earlier than I realized or just how appreciating story elements now at a different point in my own life. The series is readily available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

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