What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 09/26/14



Another week has gone by so that means we're here for another spotlight on what's been going on in my world lately. This edition is television centric in honor of the fall seasons of shows starting up. Enjoy!

I just started watching all the episodes of this show (also available on Hulu) and I've been loving it. It's dry, absurd, and very smart. It's premise is parodying the shows like Kitchen Nightmare or Bar Rescue where someone comes in with ideas to save a small business. Nathan Fielder comes in with ridiculous ideas but sells them with an aloof confidence. Watching the scenarios play out is hilarious and I highly recommend this show for anyone who loves to skewer reality television (like myself).

I've been a fan of AoS since the premiere of season one, and while it has been sort of rocky getting this point, I'm excited for what season 2 has in store. The new season just started this past Tuesday and set up a cool new premise for the show with the SHIELD folks being made into fugitives and having to work in the shadows with no backup or most of their fun tools. The show is evolving with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and I'm eager to see how it develops on its own as well as along with the movies. Check it out if you haven't and especially so if you enjoy the Marvel movies of late!

This show also just premiered recently and is set in the city of Gotham where Batman (eventually) calls home. This is an origin series, much like Arrow, and has a very similar look and feel. We follow Jim Gordon when he's just starting as a detective for the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) and most of the rogue's gallery of Batman villains have yet to manifest. I'm curious to see what the pace of this show is going to be and what it works toward. Arrow has thrived as its been able to do flashbacks to Oliver's training and journey to be the Green Arrow while moving at a brisk pace in the present timeline to get his team together and evolve the storyline. I hope Gotham doesn't move too slow and gets to the sort of moments like Arrow has been able to achieve and do so well.



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