What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 05/09/14

Geek-and-proudHello and welcome to another week of awesome geek outs. This week, I chose to highlight some current events that I wanted to provide some commentary on and keep the discussion going.

This story broke a few days ago and essentially involved the company, Black Milk Clothing, botching the response to a distasteful picture that held to the old nerd stereotype that we're all ugly and unfashionable. They could have just apologized and took the photo down but instead, Black Milk engaged with their audience trying to defend their post and never took down the photo that people found to be offensive. Check out the post for the full saga but it just reaffirmed my support for the nerd community that we still have to put up with this sort of behavior that makes us feel ashamed for being into all the awesome stuff we enjoy. We'll just have to keep fighting the good fight it looks like.

I've seen this social media campaign gaining some steam lately, which focuses on the effort to find missing Nigerian girls who were kidnapped last month. The story blew up when it was discovered the likely fate of these girls; sex trafficking. The entire world is getting behind the effort to support finding them before it is too late, even First Lady Michelle Obama (click above). I'm always proud of the potential of social media in times like this, when a global community is formed behind a single cause.

I've been chronicling my own job search for a series of posts over at The Student Affairs Collective, and it has been a rough few months. Between the stress of a gauntlet of interviews, the travel, and the anxiety of not hearing back while others are accepting offers, it has been hard for me and I know a great deal of the chaos is due to the hiring practices of colleges and universities. A large gap is the lack of communication. This article goes into this and it is just the simple gesture of keeping the candidates informed of what is going on rather than letting them come up with their own worst-case scenarios in their minds to torture themselves with. I understand it is a busy time for everyone but we could a lot better with how the "process" we're all supposed to trust is run.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!