TV Show Renewals! Who Will Stay?!

TV Remote Isolated on White.It is that time of the year...TV show renewal time! We get to see which of our favorite shows are sticking around, which are riding off into the sunset, and what new shows we'll see next year. I found a pretty comprehensive article that is keeping up to date with all the developments, which you can check out here.

Personally I am excited that Agents of SHIELD is coming back, as well as Arrow, and Parks & Recreation. I have been cooling to New Girl but I'm still interested to see where it goes, so I'm glad it will be coming back. As for new shows, I'm intrigued to see what Marvel does with the Agent Carter series that has been in the ether for a while now, as well as The Flash series that will be coming as a spinoff of Arrow.

Let me know what shows you're excited are coming back, the ones you're sad to see go, and the new shows you're excited to premiere!

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