Why More Students Are Taking Microsoft Training Courses

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for Microsoft training. This is relevant for all programs; encompassing everything from Publish and OneNote to Outlook and Visio. It is also relevant for all types of training; from online to in-house. Let’s discover why this is the case…



All businesses are IT orientated nowadays

One of the main reasons why there has been a huge increase in training is because all businesses are very Information Technology orientated at present and students need to be prepared. You will struggle to find a company who does not use IT for a good proportion of their business on-goings. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in. After all, every business needs to keep a track on accounts, profit, expenditure and alike. Every company needs to send emails. Every business needs to give a presentation at some point. The world has become dominated by technology recently and thus it is of little surprise that Microsoft training is soaring. People needed to adapt to this new way of carrying out their company’s duties.

Microsoft programs enhance productivity

Another reason why Microsoft training is on the rise is because knowing how to use the programs properly can lead to productivity improving dramatically. Competition is fierce in the modern day and you need to use all tools at your disposal to ensure you stay ahead of the pack. Productivity is imperative because the more productive your staff are, the quicker tasks can be done, the more efficiently customers can be handled, and the more profit that can be made. There are lots of great tricks, tips and shortcuts that can be found within all of the Microsoft programs. A company who has had their staff take Microsoft training can complete tasks at a much more rapid pace. Students know this, and so they are preparing for the job market by taking Microsoft training alongside their degrees. With online courses, like an online MBA from JCU, this is easy. Plus, it is likely that such degrees will require you to use Microsoft programs in any case.

Securing a job is almost impossible without Microsoft training

Nowadays you need to be competent in most Microsoft programs if you want to secure a job. The competition is fierce because of the recent recession and the lack of employment opportunities available as a result. You would have once been competing against ten people for a position, now you will be competing against 100. If you don’t know how to use Microsoft properly then you will be at a massive disadvantage. If your CV says that you have embarked on Microsoft training then your potential employer will be extremely impressed – especially as it means he or she won’t have to sort out training for you to get you up to speed with all of the current employees.

When you consider the three points that have been mentioned in this article it is quite easy to see why Microsoft Training is in much higher demand nowadays.