What's the best way to pick which headsets to buy?

As an increasingly important item for managing your business, it's important to choose wisely when picking a headset. There's a lot to consider: what sort of headset would be best to buy, what compatibility and connectivity will best suit your needs, the style and cost of the headset. As an important purchase, it's best to do your research, you don't want to be kicking yourself a few weeks down the line when you see a better headset at a better price, every penny counts when you're starting out, but you need a headset that will perform in the workplace (even if the workplace is your back bedroom). The workplace is changing, and headsets are a part of this revolution, enhancing the comfort of the work experience, and generally just making your working day that little bit easier.


Ask yourself what sort of headset you need. Like all technologies, there can be a dizzying array to choose from. Do you want one earpiece (Monaural) or two (Binaural)? There's a wide range in terms of comfort, innovations such as noise cancellation: even, at the top end, intuitive sets that can gauge the reaction of the person on the other end of the line.


Think about the type of connectivity you'll need, will you or your workers be desk-bound all day, in which case corded will be fine, or do you envisage arrangements where you can stand and walk around, in which cordless may be the way to go? It can be hard to know where to start, simply look at the range of Avaya headsets offered by PMC Telecoms for a good overview of the range available.


So to narrow it down you need to zero in on what's going to be most important for you in a headset. Comfort? Sound quality? Both are givens, you'd think; but budget is always a consideration in any business decision. Think about the quantity you're going to need, an individual headset may not look that much, but what if you need fifty, or a hundred? Often, with a start-up, cash is tight, but it does pay to get the best you can afford, as with all technologies, headsets take a jump in quality when you pay a little extra.


If it all seems a little too much then stop, relax. In this digital age, help is never far away. This is where doing your research comes in: take the opportunity to look around for advice and support. All manufacturers will have their own support teams in place; but for purchasing decisions, check out a number of sites, try consumer advice websites like Best Buy, or advice forums like Quora. As with any decision like this, it's best to read around the subject. Compare a few places until you feel that you're making a truly informed decision. Take your time, work out what's going to be best for you and then go for it.