What To Get Up To After Your Exams

We all like to imagine what’s going to happen to us throughout life. We like to think of the places we’re going to go, the people we’re going to meet, the career ladders we’re going to top, and sometimes we just like to think about how many hours we can spend lounging on the sofa after a hard week of work. Especially if you’re someone who’s sick and tired of academia, and you want to stretch out the world to your liking!

So exam season is getting you down, but it’s not going to last forever! And because of this, now’s your chance to do a little bit of dreaming, and then work a little bit of magic on your plans for what you’re going to do after all your tests are through. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started.


All your hard studying is going to pay off! (Source)

Throw a Barbecue (and plenty of other social outings!)

Sure, you might be a bit drained of energy right now, and want to do nothing more than lay in bed for the rest of the year, but this time right now is perfect for you to use for your social life! All of your friends, in and outside of your circle, are going through the same thing right now, and this is your chance to make sure you’re all being uplifted by each other in some fun and friendly situations.

So, why not throw something like a barbecue? Everyone loves chowing down on good food, surrounded by friends, in an outside setting where the sun and the breeze is on their skin. Even head down to the beach with your disposable BBQ tray and get grilling next to the waves - this is perfect for playing some music and dancing along as a group, and is the cornerstone of recreating experiences from all those teen movies you absolutely loved growing up!

Bulk Out Your Finances

If your exams are over, or ending soon, give yourself a day or two to gather yourself, and then start thinking about what you can do next to really bulk out the money in the bank. After all, your pursuit of academic achievement was to make sure you never had to look into the debt collection laws!

So whether there’s some part time positions going, or you have a blog and now have a real chance to set your mind to monetizing it properly, this is the time for you to apply yourself. Future you is going to seriously thank you later on - you’ll be better able to afford that holiday, or that new car, and you’re going to have a few more friends and relative experience on your side to take you further!

Exam season is a time of stretching out your courage to the max, but there’s plenty of ways for you to unwind and grow afterwards. Why not use ideas like these to really inspire yourself towards bigger and better heights?