Turn These Geek Skills Into Job Opportunities

Just a few years ago, no one wanted to be labeled a ‘geek’. However, these days lots of people are proud to be called a geek. And you shouldn’t just be a geek in your personal time either. In fact, all of those geeky skills and talents that you have could translate very nicely into your full-time job. Want to know which skills it’s a good idea to try and cultivate in your geeky hobbies? Here are some of the best.

Photo: Pixabay

Tinkering With Hard Drives

Lots of geeks are very good with their hands. They use them to play around with hard drives and other hardware. But you shouldn’t leave this as just a hobby. In fact, there are now lots of companies who are desperately searching for IT workers who have practical skills in building computers and other machinery. To take this skill further, sign up for a college or night school course in computers and hardware.


Exceptional Knowledge

Lots of geeks are highly knowledgeable and have an incredible amount of information stored away in their brains! And, more often than not, all of this knowledge can be very much focused on one very unique subject. Why not use this to your advantage? It can certainly help you get some well-paid, niche work. For instance, if you know a whole lot about biology and the human body, you might want to start the Ultimate Medical Academy's Health and Human Services Program. Or, for example, if you are well-versed in the economy and finances, then you might want to join an economics program and become a financial advisor.

Photo: Pixabay

Computer Data Whizz

Geeks often know about common computer data and software. As a result of this knowledge, they are often highly skilled in wiping computer data and protecting it from potential hackers and virus attacks. This is another skill that many companies now want their employees to have. As hackers and other online security threats are becoming a lot more sophisticated, businesses want to hire people who are always one step ahead and can help to protect their computer networks. You might be surprised to see just how much this knowledge can raise your salary by!


Developing Apps

Quite a few people have now taught themselves the skills that they need to develop their own apps. For many people, this is just a hobby that they do in their spare time. If this sounds like something you do in your free time, have you ever thought about making more of a go of it and carving out your very own career in software development? You could start off as a freelancer first and then, once you have gained some experience, could start to apply for full-time work with a company.

As you can see, your geeky skills and talents don’t have to be something that you keep to your spare time. There are plenty of chances you can turn them into a very lucrative career! Got any more ideas? Let us know!