The Arguments Every Gamer Has Had

If you’re a gamer, there are some arguments that you will most likely have had at one time or another. It’s not uncommon for gaming sessions to get heated and disagreements to arise. And sometimes the arguments are had with non-gamers too. Read on and see if you’ve ever had these arguments yourself. If you haven't, it’s only a matter of time before you do!


Which Final Fantasy Game is the Best?

This is a classic argument, and there are many other franchises that gamers argue over endlessly too. You could just as easily replace this with ‘Which Legend of Zelda Game is the Best?’ Or ‘Which Mario Game is the Greatest?’ But Final Fantasy holds a special spot in many people’s hearts, and there have been so many of them released over the years. Many people have tried to rank the games over the years, and this task in itself often results in arguments. It seems like everyone loves a particular Final Fantasy for a very specific reason. Perhaps that’s why there will never be a consensus on this issue.


PC vs. Console Gaming

PC gamers are known for being a little snobbish when it comes to their attitudes toward console gaming. They are not particularly sympathetic towards that style of gaming because they see PCs as being the truest form of gaming. If you’re new to all this, you can learn more about PC gaming at Level Up Your Gear. But most console gamers who have a friend who sticks steadfastly to PC gaming will probably have ad the argument over which is better at some point. There are some very strong views on both sides! Sometimes, it’s best to duck out of these arguments before they get too heated.

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Isn’t Gaming Just for Kids?

This is one of those things that non-gamers say that really annoys people who love games. It’s an accusation that’s been around for as long as gaming has. And it hasn’t become any less stupid as the years have passed. Gaming is for people of all kinds of ages. So, when someone tries to claim that games are only for kids, it’s no surprise that people who are passionate gamers feel a need to argue back and defend themselves. Unfortunately, this attitude sums up the way in which many people who know nothing about gaming see gamers in general.


The Nintendo Argument

Some people love Nintendo, and other people seem to hate the company. These two factions have been arguing back and forth for a long time. And that argument doesn’t look like it’s about to end anytime soon. When the Wii U failed spectacularly a few years ago, it looked like some people had a point. And many Nintendo fans worried for the future of the company. However, the early success of the Switch has made some people question their previous assumptions about Nintendo. But you can be sure that the arguments between the people on each side won’t end because of this.

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