What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 10/10/14


Welcome to my weekly geeklies!

(^ Shout to Alice from Twitter for the inspiration for this one! ^)

TV is on my brain a lot lately and I just wanted to get some long form thoughts out about some shows that are coming back now and will be back soon! What're you watching?

This connects with the next item on the list (which just adds to each ones awesomeness). The new season of Arrow premiered this past week and continued the steady positive streak for the show. Coming off a great second season, the third season premiere promises another engaging season, with the inclusion of Ra's al Ghul as the big bad. Looking forward to what's in store!

I've been looking forward to this show since Barry Allen showed on up on Arrow last season and the series was originally teased. The premiere met my high expectations and realized all my anticipation. Grant Gustin does well as The Flash and the show is unique enough while also being familiar within the DC TV universe with its sibling show, Arrow. I look forward to all the crossovers and the new stuff coming from this show. The premiere definitely did not disappoint! Check it out!

I was talking about this show at lunch the other day and reminiscing about how great it is. All the great side characters, the classic gags, and quotable moments. The show has been very consistently enjoyable over its six seasons, and I'm almost glad it is ending this next season (which premieres in the spring). Its inspiration or spiritual predecessor, The Office, went on for far too long and had skippable seasons, which is a tough thing to admit about one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. Parks & Recreation is looking like it is going out on top and I'm eagerly awaiting its return!

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