Geeky Degrees That Will Let You Lavish in Luxury

If you’re in the midst of choosing your major in university, you might want to ask yourself one question. What will give me the best quality of life? Sure, you can choose a degree based on a passion, but a passion won’t always get you a career. For instance, you might decide to study philosophy. Now, this is still a prestigious degree to have under your belt. But try asking anyone what a philosophy degree is for and what careers it can be used in. No one will be able to tell you, except of course, for teaching philosophy. That narrows the playing field a little doesn’t it? This is why philosophy degrees are often paired with something else that are - dare we say it - more useful.

Still, there are plenty of nerdy, awesome degrees you can consider that will get you the lifestyle you want in a few years. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.


Have You Tried Turning It Off And ON?

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Information Technology, the degree that is essentially the nerd's handbook. Here you will learn various skills and knowledge that could earn you a fortune in the future including coding. If you don’t know what coding is, you might want to learn. Coding will allow you to create your own website, software and in general, develop programs or apps. So, once you know how to code you could create the next Candy Crush and let’s face it, that was essentially Tetris and a hole host of other column games combined into one. It wasn’t exactly a new idea which shows you just how easy it is to make millions.

Of course, there’s another reason why an IT degree could put you in such a great position for the future. With a degree in IT, you will be primed to provide support to the multitude of businesses that are going to need it in the future. Almost every business you can think of is in some way dependant on IT, so the demand is certainly there.


Mad Men

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Alternatively, you could think about entering into marketing. Is marketing nerdy? When you think about it, marketing is a lot like mind control, pushing the audience to believe what you want them to about a product or service. In fact, if you take a marketing course you will almost certainly learn a little something about subliminal messaging. If you know nothing about this, we suggest you go check out Fight Club. But just how much money could you make as a marketer? Well, with an AASCB accredited online MBA program in marketing, you could easily rake in a salary over 100K. Particularly, if you are picked up by one of the larger businesses on the market today.


Space - The Final Frontier

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Lastly, you might be disappointed with how little NASA has accomplished lately. Admittedly, most people are. We haven’t come very far since a man first walked on the moon. But that might be about to change, and weirdly, it’s thanks to Hollywood. Supposedly, after the success of the Martian, the US government were so enthralled by its popularity that they pushed more funding in the direction of NASA. Now, whether that’s true or still on the table with Trump in power is debatable, but it’s curious nevertheless.

As for what you can study, a degree in physics or specializing in astrophysics will put you on the path to greatness here. Who knows, one day you could be in charge of the next rocket launch and earning a fortune. You’ll need to have an IQ that rivals Einstein though.