Support for #YesAllWomen & The Real Issues Behind Elliot Rodger

[youtube] I felt the urge to share this video* because I feel it is important as a male feminist ally. Laci Green sums up the issues very well behind why someone would do the terrible things Elliot Rodger did and how misogyny is literally killing people.

* Warning: Footage of Elliot Rodger is shown in this video, albeit a brief clip. I know some people may not want to see him/hear him, so I am including this caveat to the above video.

Support #YesAllWomen on Twitter with a retweet, favorite, or even just taking some time to read all of the messages. There is some great learning and catharsis happening on there.

Need Some Fresh, Positive Energy? Follow These Folks!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Just a brief post I've been wanting to do to continue to share what I'm into in hopes of making the world a little brighter. Here is a taste of some great people who are putting out great vibes daily. Most of them have links on their Twitter pages to their own sites with a plethora of more content but what I really enjoy is that by following them, I always get more than enough positivity in my news feed to keep me feeling optimistic and ready to tackle any challenges. Whether that is in the form of inspirational quotes, fascinating stories, motivational tips, or explorations of the human experience, there is something for everyone coming out of these fine folks' pages.

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Share any more pages you like in the comments! Enjoy!