Make Sure That Bump On The Head Doesn't Cost You Your Career

Our parents showed so much concern for our brains when we were kids. Too bad that concern was put in all the wrong places. From a young age we were told not to watch too much TV because it would rot our brains. Or not to play videogames as they would transform us into mindless zombies. Or not to read comics because they weren’t “real” books and that they would herald the slow but inevitable decline into cognitive deterioration. While these have all been proven to be beneficial (or at the very least not harmful) to our brains, the other more wholesome activities they may have suggested were fraught with danger. There’s far more danger of brain injury or head trauma on the football field or the baseball pitch or even in the park than in any comic or video game, however violent they may be.


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Nonetheless, the simple truth is that a head trauma can result in a traumatic brain injury that has long lasting or even permanent effects. Your cognitive function could be impaired, you could lose your job or your career and even completely lose everything that makes you so special and unique and… you. But life’s for living and the risk of head trauma is by no means a good enough reason to shut yourself out from the world. When that occasional bump on the noggin does occur, however, knowing what to do can go a long way in mitigating its effects…


Get someone you trust on site

Brain injuries can be exacerbated when ignored or left unattended and there are are manifestations of brain injury that someone else may be aware of while you are not. Therefore it’s important to get someone you trust on site. If possible get them to take you home and spend some time with you while you convalesce. Don’t allow yourself to be left alone unless you are absolutely sure that you’re okay. Ideally, you should try and stay awake for as long as you can and avoid going to sleep alone if you can.


Look for signs of brain injury

There are certain signs that might indicate brain injury. If any of these manifest, you need to get to A and E straight away. These include:

  • Loss of balance
  • Weaving or wobbling when walking
  • Hearing loss in one or both ears
  • Bleeding from ears
  • Clear liquid running from nose or ears
  • Nausea and / or vomiting


Give it 48 hours

Ideally you should be under observation, either by a medical professional or someone else you trust for the next 48 hours. In that time you should stay out of work especially if you work in a hazardous environment. Avoid stress and physical exertion and certainly don’t even think about getting behind the wheel. If you experience headaches, take an anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen or paracetamol for pain. Do not take aspirin as this can thin the blood and exacerbate internal bleeding.


Very often a little caution and vigilance can mean the difference between a nasty bump on the head and a permanently debilitating injury.

How To Make Your PC Last Longer

As a gamer, you will know how important it is that your computer lasts as long as possible at it’s best performance. There’s nothing worse than running through a game and your computer is only managing to kick out around 10 frames a second. Computers are expensive, so it’s understandable that you want to make it last a long time so that you can really get your money's worth out of it. Even if you’re not tech savvy and wouldn’t be able to tell a motherboard from a graphics card, it’s not difficult to make sure your PC lasts as long as you need it to. Take a look at these tips on making your PC last longer.


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Clean it regularly

The side of your computer should be able to be taken off with a simple unscrewing by hand. You will more than likely find a very thick layer of dust inside your computer, which actually slows it down. If the fans can’t turn as fast as they need to, they can’t power the computer as fast; therefore making it slower over all. Gently dust inside your computer and the fans (obviously have your computer unplugged for this) and make sure that you’re doing this once every few months to ensure that it’s running as fast as it can be. Be careful with the components inside too!

Let professionals perform upgrades

It’s always a good idea to upgrade certain parts of your pc rather than buying a completely new one. Many computers these days have removable graphics cards and many other components too, so why not upgrade every once in a while to keep it running as it should? Check out this website that specializes in computer and technology repairs. It’s always a good idea to let the professionals carry out repairs and upgrades so that you can be sure that you’re not going to accidentally break your computer.

Keep drivers updated

Another main reason for your computer running slow might be because your programms and software isn’t up to date. Most applications and installs will alert you when there is a new update available, so make sure that you’re letting them update so that they can run faster for your pc. If you’ve got a graphics card like Nvidia, you will usually get a notification from that too when an upgrade is available, so keep an eye out every time you log on to your computer.

Have security on your computer

Finally, there are millions of viruses all over the internet that can be very harmful to your computer. Make sure that you’ve got an active anti virus on your computer so that you don’t put your computer at risk from attack. You can download free versions of antiviruses which work just as well against viruses and trojans.


Use this advice to make your PC last longer and your gaming experience even better than you’d imagined!

How To Secure Concert Tickets, Every Time

‘Sold out’. Two words you never want to face when you’re trying to get tickets to see your favorite artist! Failing to get tickets to something you really want to go to is beyond disappointing, but fortunately for you, that doesn’t have to be the case.


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With some handy tips, you can beat the system to make sure you get your dream tickets. Take a look at how to secure concert tickets, every time.

Find out all the details

To make sure you’re prepared, you need to note down all of the key details. What date and time do they go on sale? How much will it cost? Which websites can you buy from? Make sure you know all of the answers and put some reminders in your calendar to stop you from accidentally missing the sale. Giglist is a good website to find out about the latest ticket sales, while Ticketmaster and Live Nation also send out regular mailers about concert announcements.

Keep an eye out for pre-sale

Pre-sale tickets can be much easier to get, so try to find out if there’s one happening in the days leading up to the main sale. Check out the artist’s website for fan club sales and sign up where possible. If you try to get tickets this way and fail, at least you’ll have the main sale to fall back on.

Create accounts in advance

If you don’t already have accounts with ticket vendors, create them in advance. This will save you a lot of time on the day and means you can log in before the sale starts so that all of your details are there. It will only take you a few minutes, but it will save you time and stress when trying to secure your tickets.

Get multiple devices at the ready

You’ll stand a better chance of securing tickets if you try on more than one device. Aside from your computer, try using a tablet and a phone to help you try for tickets. Apps are still relatively underused for buying tickets, so you could stand a better chance of getting to the front of the queue this way. Get everything set up around 15 minutes before the tickets go on sale to avoid last minute stresses.

Take advantage of auto refresh

Auto refresh tools can help you to get to the ‘Buy’ stage of the sale, but you need to be sensible with it. You can get an auto refresh extension for Chrome, which you should set to refresh every 10-15 seconds while you’re waiting for the tickets to come on sale. Keep an eye on the page, and as soon as you’re in - turn it off so that you don’t lose your tickets when it comes to the payment stage. Don’t hit refresh if you’re placed in a queue, as this will mean that you lose your place!

Bypass the CAPTCHA

Did you know that you can bypass the CAPTCHA codes at the checkout stage? This can save you a lot of time and hassle so that you don’t miss out on your tickets through not being able to identify all of the vehicles in an image on time!

Have payment details ready

Once you’re in the ‘Buy’ stage of the process, you’ll be given a bit of breathing space to finish the transaction. However, in some cases this might only be up to five minutes, so you need to check out as soon as possible. If your card details aren’t already stored in your account, have everything ready to make the payment simple and straightforward.

Check back later

If despite your efforts, there are no more tickets left, it might not be game over. Plenty of people abandon their baskets while some sellers will stagger the ticket allocations. Check back after half an hour and an hour to see if there are more tickets available - many people will have already given up so you’ll have fewer people to compete with.

Choose the resale option

If you’re unable to secure tickets at the time, there’s always the resale option. Resellers are focusing on creating safe, secure websites that guarantee your tickets and provide a better alternative to shady sellers. TicketOffices reviews put the site as one of the best, with tickets secured and validated and delivered in time for the gig. Always check out reviews before you buy resale tickets to make sure you’re not getting ripped off!


Now that you know how to master ticket sales, you can be the king or queen of concerts. Bookmark this page ready for the next gig announcement to make sure you’ve got all the help you need right in front of you. With all of your ticket successes you’re going to need some extra income for gigs, so check out this guide to earning some extra income online.

Share your ticketing tips with friends so that you can all try together - it’s much easier to get the tickets you want with a trick or two up your sleeve!

Make The World A Smarter Place, Help A Student Today

The future of humanity lies in education. There’s no denying it. The more knowledge people have, the better they get at making the right decisions. The more you know, the least you err, to put things in simple words. However, the acquisition of knowledge can often feel like an impossible quest for nowadays students. There isn’t a week that goes by without mentioning high stress issues and tuition fees that students have to cope with. Additionally, the cost of education is increasing all over the world, making it impossible for some ever to get a chance at turning their life for the better. So what can you do to help students make the world a better place?



Students need support to shine


Learning is a chance you can share

You may not have traveled far away, but you probably have heard of the countries where studying can make the difference between making a living or struggling in your home village. For many children and young adults in poor populations, the opportunities to get a scholarship are extremely limited. As a result, kids are forced to work from an early age to help their family. But if you take part to the child sponsorship programs you can help give teens a chance to study and establish themselves as professionals. When a degree can make all the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a famished existence, there’s no room left for hesitation.


Fight off the anxiety

One in 5 college students struggle with anxiety or depression disorder. The increase of tech gadgets has isolated the youth from their real life, while they try to maintain the virtual appearances on social media platforms. Additionally, the desire to succeed has driven many to seek out stimulant drugs, creating devastating addictions. It’s key for the education sector to acknowledge these mental health issues and provide personal support for those who need it most. It’s also recommended for student affairs professional to take a mental health first aid course.


Teach them to study

As scary as it might sounds, modern kids don’t know how to learn anymore. According to Daniel Willingham, professor of psychology, most students drop out of college because they don’t devise the right strategy to work. The common use of the highlighting approach to remember passages of a text doesn’t work, as it doesn’t bring students to think about the meaning of what they’re learning. Ultimately you can’t remember what you don’t understand. It’s therefore key to teach students how to best remember and understand their classes.

Talk about money

Last, but not least, a lot of people choose not to pursue their studies because they’re struggling with the burden of student loans. Therefore, students need the advice of experts who can help them to better understand the financial strategies to reduce and manage student loan payments. From refinancing options to enrolling in an IBR program, there as many options that young adults could use. Every student should be able to get access to a finance expert to discuss their long-term payments, budget and income potential.  


Student loan application

Education pays for itself in the long term. But without your help, is there any chance for today’s students to get the chances their parents or grandparents had?

Student Life: Excel Doesn’t Always Have To Give You A Headache

If you are sick and tired of getting a headache every single time you open up MS Excel and you want to put an end to it then it’s now easier than ever for you to do so. Excel is a love-hate program. Some people are genuine wizards when it comes to using the software and others would rather sit in a corner and cry rather than open up the dreaded formula interface. If you are a student however then there is a high chance that you will need to learn how Excel works and you may even have to use it to complete your studies as well. For that reason, if you want some good reasons to learn Excel then take a look below.


Formulas are Important

Formulas will actually go on to help you in your career. If the word formula is enough to give you a migraine then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of VBA training classes available for you to choose from. This will help you to get an edge in a huge range of jobs, and it is a great way for you to enhance your already growing career prospects.


Working Solutions

Formulas are also a great way for you to try and capture a working solution. For example, if you study science and you need to account for a ton of variables then formulas are a great way for you to do this and you can easily calculate almost anything you need in seconds. This can save you a ton of time when it comes to your studies and they are ideal if you have a bad memory because you can save the formulas for whenever you need them next.


Your Vision

Have you ever wanted to explain what you want to do, but you can’t seem to get it done? For example, you may want to work out how you are going to plan your budget for that month or even your expenses. This can be hard when you have a faulty calculator and an A3 pad of lined paper to hand. If you want to solve all of this then Excel can help. The best thing about Excel is that you can set it to automatically update your totals as you go along. When someone deducts something from the total, all you have to do is type it into Excel and the program will then work out the final amount for you in less than a second.


Because Nobody is Good at Excel

When you are good at Excel, you can really help to increase your productivity and you can even get more value out of the work that you do. Businesses love productivity and it is a great way for you to earn some money on the side. For example, you could build formulas for people or you could even offer a tutoring service when it comes to Excel as well. If you can get good with formulas then this will open up a ton of doors for you, and it is a great way for you to really take advantage of everything that it has to offer.

Excel may not be the most-liked MS program out there, but as a student, it really is essential to your study and even your career.

Being Sturdy With Your Study! Surviving Your Final Year

For any of us engaging in intense study it can be a very difficult period, whether we are just getting back to school or we are gearing up for our last year in college, the last year in school, or gearing up for the last year of an intense doctorate, it means that there's a lot of stress and anxiety. But it also means that you are quite probably struggling in a financial sense, so it's important for you to get ahead of the game by having a few preventative measures in place before embarking on your final year. Some may be simple but some you may not have thought of, so here we go here is the foolproof guide to surviving your final year.


Perfecting Your Study Space

study 1.png

The fact of the matter is you are going to be intensely engaged in a lot of work throughout your final year so you need to make sure that your study space is not cluttered so you can remain focused and not distracted in any way, shape, or form. The importance of a study space that keeps you focused is not to be underestimated. The fact of the matter is that if you have a cluttered space for learning with piles of books and distractions, you will get overwhelmed by the mammoth tasks ahead. So it's better for you to compartmentalize your tasks and to focus on one task at a time, especially with the amount of information you have to take on board during your last year. You May have piles of books to get through, but this is all about keeping organized rather than getting overwhelmed by every pressing task. Barack Obama popularized the idea of removing decision fatigue, and this is something it's worth thinking about. So if you can remove clutter and distraction from your study space, this will help you to cut down on unnecessary thought patterns. The best way to do it is to have a corner of the room that is distraction free with just a desk and your study material.


Making The Most Of Your Downtime

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While you may be ensconced in your study space for the vast majority of your final year, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself. And if you, like so many other students, are lacking in money, then you need to make the most of your study space. So you could set up your study area to be a gaming area for your free time. It's also a great way for you to have some relaxing downtime while still making the most of your study area and lack of money. So you could invest in a decent gaming center at the start of your study, you while you still have the finances by getting a good quality desk, gaming speakers, as well as the best computer for your budget. It can be difficult to find any decent downtime during your intense final year but don't forget you need to find ways that will relax you and keep you focused, and for many people it may be gaming. But it's also important to not stay cooped up in your study space for the whole of your final year. Make sure you get out once in a while and socialize, because even though studying is the most vital ingredient to beating those final exams you still have to make some time for you. And you may be surprised that in doing so you will find yourself rejuvenated and approach your work with a clearer mind.


Studying is an intense period especially when you have a lot to do when you may think that you won't be able to come, but if you can balance downtime with the right study breaks, you will accomplish it with no problems!