Beat Your Commuting Blues With These Techy Boredom Busting Ideas

There is nothing worse than being sat on a long commute on the train with nothing to do. Many people opt to read the free newspaper that they’ve picked up on their journey but as you know, these don’t last long. Long commute times can be tricky, especially if you’re someone who experiences travel anxiety or claustrophobia when on public transport. We are lucky however, to live in an age where you don’t just have to rely on a newspaper to help you get through your traveling woes. We now have a plethora of technology that is perfect for those long journeys, so check out how to beat your commuting blues with these techy boredom busting ideas.


Photo by Stephy Miehle on Unsplash

Fight the anxiety

When you’re feeling cooped up inside of a train and you’re struggling with an anxiety attack, one of the best things to do is to accept what’s happening and tackle the problem head on. Luckily, technology can now help with such a thing, and you can now download anxiety hypnosis apps for you to listen to on your journey to help keep you relaxed. There are also apps that can help monitor when you’re anxious and try to help you pinpoint and resolve your issues. Try some anxiety apps to help pass the time and ease your travel anxiety.

Play a game

One of the best methods of distracting yourself from your anxiety, or even just to quickly pass the time is by playing a game. Going back a few years we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such a luxury on our commute to work. But now, thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, we are able to enjoy games that thrill us, like biking games from Or, if you prefer a more gentle game, you could put your mind at work with amazing puzzle apps and games. Before you know it you’ll be at your stop!

Catch up on missed TV shows

Again, thanks to the progression in technology not only can we obtain the devices to watch our favorite TV shows, but we even have programs that give it to us in HD quality so that we can easily catch up on all of the missed TV shows. Work out how long your journey is and see if you can fit a certain amount of episodes into the journey. It’s a great distraction and allows you to keep up with trending conversations in the office!

Look up recipes

One really clever idea that people are doing loads these days is looking up recipes on their commute to work. Why’s this? Well, many people are already thinking about getting home and eating delicious food before it all happens again the next day. Why not save yourself some time when you get home and look up some recipes to cook for dinner. It will save you worrying about it, and also give you the chance to get any ingredients that you may need on your journey home from work.

Using Your Commute To Better Yourself

Who can honestly say that they like their commute? Commuting, is, unfortunately a part of life for most people, offering the same dreary drudgery on a daily basis. Time passes slowly, and your end destination is work. Instead of wasting your hours (and energy) lamenting the time spent getting to the office, why not use it as a time to better yourself? Your daily journey into work can actually be more valuable than you think, allowing you to get stuff done while also learning something new.


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Why not use your morning commute to better yourself? Take a look at some of the ways to do this below.



Yes, reading is a popular commuting pastime, but how often do you read as you travel to work? Reading broadens your horizons, and reading books that are relevant to your job or career can help make you work better and harder as well as help to fuel your passion for your career. Take a look at the top business books of 2017 and create yourself a new reading list to feed your brain in the mornings.


Listen to podcasts

Love listening to music or the radio in the mornings? Swap them for a podcast instead! A great podcast is a fantastic way to enjoy comment and debate and give you some food for thought. There are podcasts available on all sorts of topics from managing your life and career to light-hearted and comedic podcasts. While music is great for helping to relax you, a podcast can offer a more educational experience that will make your commute more enjoyable.



Why not use your morning commute to do some informal study? Use your time to learn a language or develop your knowledge on a range of topics. One morning you could be learning more about the history of World War One on Wikipedia, the next you could be learning about Bitcoin gambling with Reading the news and interesting articles will help keep your brain active, giving your mind a good warm up before you get into the office for a day at work.


Take care of life admin

Do you always complain that you don’t have time to carry out basic jobs because of your busy work/social life? Stop whining and start doing. Your morning commute is the perfect time to pay bills, manage your savings, tackle your expenses - whatever needs doing that you don’t normally have time to do. Even if you can’t complete all your tasks during your morning commute, you can at least make a schedule of when you’re going to fit things in to start being more organized and in control.


Commuting may feel like a drag right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Start using that precious time to yourself in a more productive way that will pass the time while also bettering yourself. It’s a simple lifestyle change to make, but one that could offer many benefits. Who knows, you might even start wishing your commute was longer to fit even more in!