Mobile Games That Give Your Brain a Workout

Mobile games are brilliant. They are a great way to escape your stress and leave the real world behind. They give you a way to meet new people and have some fun. They can be fun, exciting, terribly frustrating and incredibly addictive. They can even improve your concentration. Now that we’ve all got a phone in our pockets, we can play games wherever we are. We can lose a few minutes while we wait in the doctor's surgery, or we can spend hours giving them our full attention.

Games like these range in styles and types. Some, like online Bitcasino games, give us a chance to earn a little money while having some fun. Others are simple and addictive, a great way to kill time. Others are more serious. You can play shoot ‘em up games. You can play classic arcade fighting games. There are platform games and building games. You can even play mobile games that give your brain a bit of a workout. Here’s a look at some of the best mobile games that force you to use your mind.



Lumosity is a proper brain training app. It focuses on games, tasks, and puzzles that each train different areas of your mind and different thought processes, giving you an all over mind workout. You can personalize your account for how much time you’ve got, and Lumosity will set you challenges each day.

Words with Friends

Words with friends is a bit like good old fashioned scrabble. But on your phone and with an added social element. This incredibly popular word building game is easy to play but forces you to think in a way that you might not usually. Now that we all rely so heavily on autocorrect and spell checkers, actually stopping to think about forming words is something that we rarely do, so despite its ease, this game can give your brain a great workout. It’s also pretty addictive, so you’ll be keen to play it as often as possible, and it’ll never feel like a chore.

Flow Free

Free flow is such an easy game at the start. The graphics are simple, there’s no flashy bells and whistles, but it’s a game that gets you thinking, and progressively gets harder as you play.

The simple premise is a grid of colored dots. There are two of each color on the grid, and you have to join them to each other using colored lines or pipes. The catch is that you can’t go through other lines to do it. So you have to find creative ways around the board to link your dots. The first few grids are easy, but it quickly becomes much more challenging.

The Room

The room is more visually appealing than the other games on this list. It’s a beautiful game, with much more complexity than a simple puzzle game or brain training app. But, the challenges offer the same great mind workout. It’s an adventure game, with a plot and story, that uses games and puzzles to forward the narrative. Think grown-up Professor Layton.

Challenging your mind as often as you can is proven to reduce your risk of memory issues and mental health problems. Things like learning a new language and reading are great, but playing games on your phone that make you stop and think can be equally effective.