Gifts That Will Make Any Gamer's Christmas

Like countless parents, girlfriends, and students out there, you might have a gamer who means a lot to you, and naturally you’ll want to get them a thoughtful gift for Christmas. However, if you don’t know the difference between a Necromorph and a Koopa Troopa, buying for the gamer in your life can be an extremely hard thing to do. Being the nerd that I am, I figured I’d do my duty, and give you all some ideas that will make your gamer’s Christmas one to remember!


New Graphics Card

Ask a cross-section of people what the most important part of a computer is, and you’ll get a wide range of answers. For gamers though, the answer is obvious: the graphics card. This is the part of a PC that has the biggest impact on the gamer’s overall experience, dictating how detailed the maps are, how smooth and responsive their commands are, and generally how great the game looks. There are a wide range of gaming-standard graphics cards out there, which start at around $200. Just make sure you do a little recon before going out and buying one. Your gamer probably has a pretty competent graphics card as it is, and you’re only going to waste money if you get them anything lower than what they’re using!


New Headset

Source: Pixabay

Just like the mouse, graphics card and CPU, the gaming headset your gamer uses is going to be an important part of their setup. The quality of the earphones will dictate how crisp and sharp every monster’s roar, every swoosh of a sword, and every gunshot sounds. It will also ensure they hear other gamer’s groans and insults clearly, and come up with the best response! By the same token, the quality of the mic will ensure everyone in your gamer’s lobby hears exactly what they’ll do if another player keeps spawn-camping. If your gamer’s headset is a little worse for wear, then this could be the gift that makes their whole year. Try to find out about the one they’re already using, then source some detailed reviews any headset that’s a little better.


Steam Voucher

So, what if your gamer doesn’t need any new gear this Christmas? Usually, I’d never recommend getting vouchers for anyone as a gift. Why would you take currency, which you can spend anywhere, and convert it into credit which is tied to a single store? When it comes to us gamers though, it’s a different story. For hardcore PC gamers, money exists for two reasons and only two: upgrading their setup, and buying things on Steam! If you weren’t already aware, Steam is the largest online gaming market in the world. If you’ve known the gamer in your life long enough, you probably would have seen the iconic logo a few times. Here, your gamer can buy and review new blockbusters, along with niche indie games and DLC for pretty much any title. It may feel a bit impersonal, but believe me your gamer won’t be disappointed!