Best Career Ideas In Games

The image of the typical game lover has changed dramatically. Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for playful activities with their staff. It not only has become more acceptable to enjoy games, but it’s also a factor of success. After all, every strategy from fitness apps to team building workshops relies on gamification scenarios to create a positive experience. Consequently, if you are looking for a career change, embracing your inner gamer might be the best idea you’ve ever had. Abandon the typical cliché that is associated with video games. In our modern times, being able to sell a game to your clients is an essential growth strategy. 


Can you transform games into a business tool?


The transferable skills of games

Moving to the professional game sector doesn’t mean that you can’t repurpose the skills you’ve learned and used in your past career. Games, indeed, have reached out to a variety of industries where being a team player and a time management expert can make a great deal of difference. At the heart of it, a game is designed to tackle a problem – whether it is part of a collaborative team tool or a training application for seniors. Therefore your ability to provide a creative solution to everyday issues is crucial to the success of your game company.


Manage a creative team

The creative team behind a game requires expert management. Ultimately, the development of online games – even those that are used as part of a team building or task management asset – is highly technical. For the creative team who is responsible for the UX design, the testing and the fluidity of actions, it is often difficult to maintain a professional approach to day-to-day projects. Consequently, there is a need for leadership experience. You don’t need gaming knowledge to land in this position. However, you can study online at Deakin University to boost your IT profile. This can give you the keys to understand how each function interacts with each other and to manage the creative game team effectively.


Develop your business game

Burnout. Depression. Stress disorder. People in offices struggle more and more to release their tensions and to express their emotional discomfort. Consequently, more and more startup companies are looking to create a virtual platform to allow stressed-out employees to manage their situations. A well-being application that keeps the management team informs of stress levels, and pressure in a playful manner can help to avoid serious health issues. It would be beneficial to use a graphic design such as the 7 cups path to track emotional complaints within the workplace. This can also act as a self-improvement tool for employees.


Create a live game

Not all games happen online. Escape room games have gained strong popularity as a team building exercise. Consequently, you can develop your own live game to welcome teams and encourage them to work together. You will need to build custom-made puzzles. But more importantly, you need to provide a follow-up workshop that helps people to cooperate towards a single objective.


Ultimately, games are there to stay. They have now become part of the professional landscape. Therefore it is the ideal time to embrace the potential of gaming to build a new profitable and professional career.