5 ways reading makes your life better

With all our modern technology and so many entertainment options at our fingertips, there is little wonder that many of us are turning our back on the written word. We are missing out on so much, however, because reading can be a great source of entertainment. There is nothing quite like getting lost in a book, you can be gripped for hours. There are also so many other benefits to reading, it can literally change your life. Read on to find out what reading could do for you.

Reduces stress

Studies have found that reading can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. The study also found that often reading worked to calm participants down faster than any other method. It is thought that reading works so well because it offers you a true escape from the real world. A good book literally offers you a sanctuary.

Improves analytical thinking

Reading actively stimulates your brain which causes an expansion that helps you to think in new ways. You can actually grow your mind every time you pick up a book. Analytical skills really help you when it comes to problem-solving, something which employers tend to cherish in their workforce. If you are looking for a promotion or new job, it might be worth picking up a book first so that you can develop new skills to show off to potential employers.

Increases vocabulary

When you read you are exposed to so much more vocabulary. Even if you are reading words that you have already come across, they tend to seep into your consciousness more and more as you read them and you will find yourself them using them increasingly in conversation. You could make yourself look more business savvy at work by reading some corporate achievement books and letting that business-related language seep into your brain.

Improves memory

Reading really is a great workout for the mind. When you pick up a book, you are asking your brain to operate in a number of different ways. It needs to use vision to concentrate on the words, process what the words are and add things to your learning bank if you haven't come across them before. Using your brain in this way helps to keep your memory sharp, just like using the gym keeps your muscles in shape. There are many ways to help improve your memory, but giving your brain a good workout should always be at the top of the list.

Helps with prioritizing goals

Sitting down with a good book can really give us peace, even when the to-do list is screaming at us. The thing is when we are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of modern life we can't think straight and planning can end up being counterproductive. Escaping for a bit, into another world can help centre and bring some peace from all of the pulls that we have on our time. Through this peace, we can effectively plan and prioritize what is important in life.