Higher Ed Geek 2.0

Higher Ed Geek started in April of 2013 as an effort to allow for me to nourish a creative outlet in my life. I wrote a few blog posts when I could, but I wasn't consistent and often forgot about it. I committed in January of 2014 to put more effort into the blog. I invested in the site and I found that the more I put in, the more I got out. I was able to reach a wider audience, make more connections with people about the stuff I cared about, and was able to spread a message that had a positive impact on others.

I'm excited to commit to put even more energy into the site now.

I have some big ideas of where Higher Ed Geek can go but I need help to get there. Any donations people can give helps get the site towards the next stage in it's life. I'm hoping to at least refresh the design of the site, commission a new logo, maximize the back end of the site, and get more people writing on a regular basis. (If donating isn't your thing, check out my book of collected blog posts. Proceeds from that helps fund the site as well.)

Depending on how far this crowdfunding campaign goes, I could do even more (trust me, I have plenty of ideas!).

I appreciate anyone and everyone's support. Either donating, sharing, or giving feedback is all helpful in reaching the goals I'm setting for this effort and the site as a whole. I'll be keeping up the page until the end of the month of October so make sure to help get the word out and show your support!

Stay geeky, weird, and proud, everyone!