Higher Ed Geeky Office Décor


Offices are where we spend a lot of our time working. We have meetings and events to go to, but I know I spend a lot of quality time in my office. I have important, meaningful interactions with students in my office and get valuable projects done in there.

Especially since my current office is my first one I have ever had, I wanted to make sure it was a space that felt genuine to me, safe for students to speak with me, and helped convey who I was to anyone who entered. Leaving the walls blank never crossed my mind.

Below are a few photos showing a full view of my office.


This shelf gets most of the attention from student and staff when they visit my office. I can't help myself collecting the Funk POP figures from all of my different geekdoms. I have more stuff than what is seen here showcased in my apartment. It started to get crowded on there! Whether it is my Fallout bobble-head, my Lost figure, or my Doctor Who stuff, people who come in can instantly have a connection over a shared interest.


I collect pennants from any campus I spend some quality time on. I love visiting colleges wherever I go, and I look forward to having walls full of pennants celebrating the journeys I've been on and the institutions I've seen.


I have segments dedicated to both my undergraduate institution (University of Delaware) and graduate school (Rutgers University - New Brunswick). Both places hold a special place in my heart. I've connected with students from New Jersey through my Rutgers stuff on display.


One of my favorite items, which was a gift from my amazing partner, is the Spider-Man cover art featuring a "Crisis on Campus".

I really enjoy seeing how people have their offices decorated, so I'm going to feature a new professional's space each week starting with mine.

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to share some photos of your office and how you authentically connect with people who come to visit through what you have displayed.

Thanks for stopping by!