What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 08/21/15



Here's what was going on in my world this week:

I've been dragging my feet checking out the past season of the much beloved Doctor Who, and recently checked out the first couple episodes of season 8 (now on Netflix), which are the first episodes with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. I've already been experiencing Doctor Who fatigue last season. While the special episodes with Matt Smith were enjoyable, the show as a whole had been frustrating for me. I think I've grown tired of Steven Moffat's storytelling and am still preferring the David Tennant era above all else. These new episodes haven't done too much to impress me yet, which is sad since I do love the premise and universe, but it is just getting to be a tad boring and shallow to me now. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for from the show, but what I'm getting now isn't it. Perhaps smaller stories would be better than the bombastic, huge scale plots that seem to be every episode nowadays. I'll keep with it for this season I think but I may put Doctor Who behind me to venture off with some new shows.

I recently finished the entire nine seasons (!) of Seinfeld on Hulu, which took me several weeks. Only a few episodes of the series were completely new to me. I had seen many of them in syndication somewhere but it was still cool to watch this classic sitcom from start to finish to further appreciate it and it's impact. If you have never seen an episode, I highly recommend you check some of it out on Hulu. They've curated some of the classic episodes of the series as well so you can view the series strategically.

  • Fall Move In

Much of my time currently has been (and will be) consumed with trainings, building prep, and opening at my institution. It's a stressful yet exciting time to welcome new and returning students as well as their families to campus for the start of a new academic year. I may need a break from blogging next week with everything going on, but I hope to meet you back here again once things settle down.

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