What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 11/07/14


Welcome to another week in geek!

I'm again highlighting a diverse array of things that I have been enjoying as of late. Hopefully some of them are stuff you check and enjoy as well!

This new NBC show from creator David Caspe (who also created the awesome show Happy Endings) stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino. It is loosely based on Caspe and Wilson's real life relationship and recent marriage. Wilson and Marino are some of my favorite comedic actors and they are given some great material to work with here. If you have watched Happy Endings, it is very similar to that with more of a focus on relationship humor. It's quick, witty, and has ended up as one of the few new shows this fall season I think I might stick with (sorry Gotham).

I'll withhold judgement on this new Congress until it is sworn in and gets to work, but the link above goes to the aspect of elections I end up being more fascinated by; ballot measures. I see it as a more fine tuned barometer of where the country is at on particular issues. Marijuana legalization (sale and use) won in two states, as well as minimum wage increases in a handful of states. Personhood amendments were also voted down in a few states. With stuff like marriage equality and marijuana, I've seen a drastic change just in my short lifetime. I'm intrigued to see where it all goes since this is where I see major societal change happening constantly versus the inaction coming from Congress.

I have to give a long overdue shout out to The Tonight Show since the mantle has been passed to Jimmy Fallon. He has brought his same fun energy and new media savvy to the venerable program, making all the episodes easily available on YouTube (link above), as well as Hulu. He also has several viral videos churning out of his show, having one almost every week it seems like, beating out the fading Jimmy Kimmel Live attempts (in my humble opinion). I mostly like to catch his "Thank You Notes" as well as the games he plays with his guests over his monologues or interview (which feel a little dated at this point). I highly recommend this show!!

Thanks for stopping by!