What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 08/29/14


Welcome to another episode in my life of geekiness!

I'm still pretty busy this week but this should be the end of it, as the students move in here to Husson University this weekend so next week will be the beginning of classes and some semblance of a more routine flow in my life. I feel bad for not having the brain power or energy to devote to new blog posts but I also wouldn't want to interrupt my usual weekly series so I'm whipping up something quick for you all to let you know I'm thinking of you! Enjoy!

I've expressed my love of coffee a few times before. I think I've also mentioned that Starbucks is my usual weapon of choice, either by my own coffee maker or making a pilgrimage to a store. Especially during chaotic weeks like this past one, getting my signature grande vanilla iced coffee with soy always helps me keep chugging along with energy and enthusiasm!

  • Music

During my late nights in the office and just plugging in during the day to get work done, I've been listening to a lot of music via the cool streaming services, some of which I've talked about before, namely Songza and Spotify. Their respective playlists always connect to whatever mood I'm in and saves me the grunt work of figuring out something to listen to. I've discovered a lot of cool new music through these methods too, which is great! I know I'll keep maximizing this flow when I'm in my office regularly during the academic year.

  • Students

This one is another sort of broad, general one. I've been working with and getting to know my student staff members over the past two weeks. I just have to gush that they're a great batch of folks. I know everyone says that about their students but I would certainly not lie if I wasn't feeling it. I look forward to getting to know them better and work with them to make this a great year! I furthermore am looking forward to students being here on campus. It's been a quiet summer and I always appreciate the pulse and energy of a college campus when it is in full bloom. That's why I'm here after all!

Thanks for stopping by!