Why I Love Scott Pilgrim, The Books

scott_pilgrim_box_set_poster_by_whoisrico-d2zvrh6Last week I shared my love of the Scott Pilgrim movie, this week I want to give a shoutout to to the great books that inspired that great movie. The story, split into six books, covers Scott's trials with Ramona's seven evil exes and his journey toward finally growing up and accepting the failures of his life. The book is drawn in a great "manga" sort of style and the dialogue is great. It is very referential to all the sorts of things I know and love and it has that sort of geeky augmented reality that those of us that play video games for far too long can easily relate to.

The Scott Pilgrim movie, when compared to the books is a sort of loosely adapted cliff notes version of the books, glossing over some of the nuances and tightening the story for what makes for an awesome film that has a great pace and still captures the spirit of the books. I enjoy both in their own ways, and was inspired to read the books after watching the movie. It gave a more fleshed out world to dive into and allowed for all the characters to be featured more and the whole experience was fun, readable, and engaging read.

I have this awesome box set that I got as a gift a few years ago that comes with a cool poster too (pictured above). For anyone who loved the movie or just loves great comics, check out these great books, which are now also being re-released in full color!

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