Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Social Media

social-media-logos I've been wanting to write a brief post on this for a while now. I'm a big fan of social media and totally advocate for its usage and implementation (in moderation of course). I previously shared Erik Qualman's awesome video about how social media is changing the world, so it is not just some passing fad, it's here to stay.

Why I love social media is because it makes the world more tightly knit, easily accessible, and allows for cool stuff to get noticed by the world. In essence I feel like it democratizes the world in a sense, and on a personal level, it allows for one to put themselves out there and find their voice. I know it has helped me in that way.

What frustrates me currently on this topic is how afraid some people are of social media. While it could be warranted with the slew of scandals brought about by social media, this is only by those who act unethically and with poor judgement. When one takes a positive perspective to social media and does due diligence to know what they post and why, there can be a windfall of value brought to your organization, event, or even just yourself and your reputation.

When done properly, social media is able to highlight all the good stuff you do and bring it to the top. People get afraid since they think social media will only highlight the negative. As long as you're behaving yourself and not posting inappropriate content, you'll enjoy the benefits of closer connections to your constituents, instant updates of new initiatives, and the possibility of dramatically growing your audience in a fun, authentic way through social media.

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