Geek Hard: Reflecting Back On a Year of Blogging

eblogblogI started this blog back in April of last year, not really knowing where it would go but I was inspired by a role model of mine, Chris Hardwick, to put myself out there as my unique self that is a mashup of higher education/ college student affairs and a proud, passionate geek. I feel like it is a brand I can be proud of so I dove right in with it. Being someone is very reflective and pensive, I felt it was only proper to share my thoughts on how it has been going over the past year. I can say now, after a rocky first few months of blogging, I'm starting to find my rhythm now and a workflow that works for me. I struggled to write at first but it is starting to come more naturally now. I have also gotten some positive feedback from friends and colleagues on my efforts, which has definitely helped my motivation to keep with it. Within the past few months in 2014, I've started finding a consistency with my weekly geek outs and movie reviews, which have been awesome to do and steadily maintain for a couple of months now.

I feel as though with my putting more content out there, I've been reaching more people and getting more of an audience. I am doing this all for myself but also to get the word out to people who may feel like I do about geek pride on a micro level, and just on a macro level for a community in my profession that isn't afraid to be themselves. I feel like a black sheep a lot of the time in student affairs and I want to challenge the notions of who you have to or should be in our line of work. We all are always encouraged to "be yourself" but I feel like at times that this platitude isn't the case. If you are yourself, others blow back on that and make you feel guilty for it. I don't like that and think that's a pretty horrible thing to do. I hope to keep putting my authentic self out into the world and have people just get it.

So, a year is in the books, which is crazy to think about but I'm looking forward to many more to come. As I wrap up here, I just want to genuinely thank you for your support in getting me this far already. Even if this is your first time at my blog for this post or if you've read every single one, thank you for taking time out to check out my work. It means a lot to have every single one of you stop by.

Stay plugged in for more awesome stuff.

Have an amazing day!