Klout and the Curious Case of Social Media Engagement



Oh Klout, you fickle tool you, made for measuring one's total influence on social media. I recently discovered you and thought it would be cool to see what my score was. Little did I know I would become overly intrigued by your premise and the value of your numbers.

I have a moderare case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I'll admit it. This tool doesn't help with my growing overall obsession with connectedness. Now I can see how my engagement score is going up or down based on what I'm putting out there. At best, it is helping me stay faithful to tweeting, posting, and sharing anything and everything I think others will find useful and relevant. At worst, it is making me hyper critical of what I am posting and how often I'm putting out posts, so it may not be all that bad. I just know I get frustrated when my score doesn't go up for weeks at a time. It makes me feel as though I'm doing something "wrong" on social media and I need to do "better". 

My dilemma is if I should be putting a lot of stock into this single number that is supposed to showcase my entire online presence's engagement with my networks. Perhaps I should just take it for what it's worth as a simple tool for a complex aggregation and try to do the best I can with it. 

How do you all feel about Klout? Do you even use it?