What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 02/13/15


Greetings! Here's what is going on in my world.

This was big news for me this week. I had been hoping the rumors would come to fruition but I honestly didn't expect to have this be confirmed so soon. The details of the deal are interesting and seem to be a good, simple compromise for both sides. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been really consistent in their quality and it will just be awesome to have Spidey in the mix now (as well as his cast of supporting characters).

  • Breaks

This weekend, I'm taking a trip out of town with my partner for Valentine's Day. We aren't going far nor are we doing anything spectacular, but it is a nice chance to get out of the typical day-to-day bubble. Even just going a few hours away for a weekend has a positive impact for my own wellbeing and productivity. I also have ACPA 2015 to look forward to next month and I'm working on trying to get away for breaks at least once month for the rest of the year. I want to visit friends and get out and explore!

  • Minimalism

As I make my way in the adult world, I've been continuing my journey abiding as best I can by the tenets of minimalism. I'm trying to have only what I need since anything more will only weigh me down. This entails me being constantly critical and skeptical of the things I buy and do. I'm always donating, selling, or just consuming everything I have before I go off and get more things to clutter my life. I've been reading a book on this topic (review to come soon) so it has been on my mind quite a bit. I definitely go with the idea that a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. You can clear your mind and be less stressed if you get rid of what you don't need and go forth less burdened.

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