Grind At Online Gaming No More!

Online gaming is big, so big that for many it's no longer a hobby but an obsession, and for some even a career. Of course, to rise to the upper echelons, you need to get good, really good. Something that the post below can help you to achieve.

Abolish latency.

First off if your console or computer is lagging, it will prevent you from being the best that you can be when playing. With that in mind, you need to do everything in your power to minimize this issue. One action you can take is to ensure that you have the fastest and most powerful hardware, whether that is the latest console or a PC that you can upgrade internally.

Alternatively, why not try using wired controllers or mice, as this can also help speed up your play and prevent any subtleties of action or movement being missed.

Lastly, when it comes to latency, it could be that your system doesn't have enough memory to run your game in the fastest way possible. To that end be sure to minimize other game data stored on your device, and focus on the one you are currently most engaged in.


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Treat it like a sport.

While some folks still argue that competitive online gaming isn't a ‘real’ sport this view is being drowned out by the commitment and dedication that many professional gamers are sowing to the discipline.

Of course, you can learn a lot from this, including practicing regularly so you can reach the level that you want to be at. Although, be wary of grinding until you lose your love and passion for the game because when this is gone your likelihood of becoming a champion will be significantly reduced.  

Some gamers even going to far as to watch replays of the game to analyze where they went wrong and how they could better improve next time around.

Also, don't forget that just like any sport what you consume to provide you with energy and stamina is essential especially if you are playing for a long session or you have a lot riding on a particular match. To that end, try to keep hydrated and consume food that consistently releases energy to avoid slumps in performance. You can even use supplements like Kamikaze to help with this. A product that contains no sugar, but can still help you keep laser focused while playing, no matter how long the sessions.

Improve your communication skills.

While there may be a vast majority of gamers online that like to shout abuse at each other over their headsets, you can be sure that these aren't the ones that are doing the best in the league tables.

In fact, if you are playing a team or cooperative game knowing what to say to others, and how to say it to get the best results is a crucial skill. To that end, it can't hurt your game at all to brush up your communication skills, and occasionally on your anger management so you can stay cool in a crisis and direct your team to victory, over and over again.

The Twitch Streamer Startup Kit

Who would have thought a decade ago that becoming a professional gamer could be a viable career? Those who “make it” in streaming are still a small portion of everyone who tries, but whether you’re looking to turn your passion into a living or you simply want to share your hobby (and your personality) with the world, it’s no longer just a pipe dream. So, here’s everything you really need to become a Twitch streamer.



Streaming from consoles

Now that it’s a very common hobby, as well as a career, for gamers, it should be no surprise that even console manufacturers are making it easier to stream. You can stream directly from the Xbox One and the PS4, both of which have Twitch and Youtube streaming software built into them. However, your ability to set up your studio and to add effects in editing is diminished by this rather bare bones software. If you want to create a professional quality stream on either platform, or you want to stream on Switch, then you’re going to want a PC streaming setup, as well as a capture card to provide a live feed to the PC.

Streaming from PC

If your PC or laptop is barely chugging along, it might not be the best machine for streaming. Though streaming software isn’t too intensive by itself, when it’s running alongside video games, it can be demanding. You want at least 8GBs of ram, as well as a processor that’s as good as or better than the Intel Core i5 series. For streaming the latest games, you need a top-of-the-line graphics cards like an Nvidia RTX 2080. A headphone and a webcam can help you complete the professional streamer setup.

Streaming software

Unless you’re streaming directly from the Twitch app in PS4 and Xbox One, you’re going to need the right software. While there are free options, Xsplit is the most popular tool amongst established Twitch streamers. Some streamers will even use two systems, one to focus its resources on playing the games, and a second system to run their streaming software and focus on uploading to Twitch.

Building your account

Setting up an account on Twitch’s website is relatively easy, but if you want to take streaming seriously, it’s wise to go even further than that. Having a social media account that can help you engage viewers and share stream news can help you work on building that viewership. While you should play games you’re passionate about, there’s nothing wrong with playing some games with viewing experience as a priority, whether it’s popular online games like Fortnite or Overwatch, or even asking viewers for recommendations for the next playthrough. Keep an eye on what games are trending on Twitch’s front page if you’re looking for ideas.

These are the basics of what it takes to become a Twitch streamer. Finding success, or even keeping a small community of viewers, isn’t easy, but if your passion for the games you play is strong enough and you put real effort into engaging your viewers, you have a real chance.