This page serves as a home for resources, videos, and contact info for some other geeky student affairs colleagues.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list by means, but just a starting off point for those interested.

Questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged!


Rutgers Geek Week (FTW) Music Video

GeeKon Music Video

#ACPA15 Alfred Day: The Insidiousness of Misogyny and Bullying in Nerd Communities

Thoughts from Geek Week at Rutgers


American Nerd


Nerdist Way

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

i, Geek

Geek Wisdom

Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture

To geek out even further, connect with any of the great people listed below:

Alfred Day, University of California - Berkeley: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email

Patricia Nguyen, University of California - Los Angeles: Twitter, LinkedIn

Eugene Frier, Texas Wesleyan University: LinkedIn, Email

Emily Sandoval, University of Southern California: Twitter, Email

Tyler Miller, University of California - Santa Barbara: Twitter, LinkedIn, Email

Liz Krulder, California State University - Frenso: Twitter, FresCon, Email

Brian MacDonald, University of California - Los Angeles: Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, UCLA Geek Week

Brian Arao, University of California - Santa Cruz: Email