What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 10/24/14


Welcome to a special edition of my weekly geek outs!

This special edition of my weekly geek outs is centered on the awesome streaming service, Hulu. As with Netflix, there are a bunch of great shows available to stream on Hulu, some original shows to their site, others exclusively streaming there. I wanted to highlight some of my favorites for you all to enjoy which hit on some very different genres, so there is a little something for everyone!

This show was originally a web series which eventually got picked up by E! and now has a home on Hulu. There are three seasons of the show which is a great satire of The Bachelor/ette. It features all of your favorite comedic actors (most of whom are in short but memorable appearances) and is just so great with its biting look at these reality shows. I am pretty critical of those shows so I love the way they skewer them on Burning Love. Check it out for a good laugh!

This British superhero show is available to stream in the US exclusively on Hulu. There are five seasons of the show and it is a gripping look at how superpowers might actually play out. It's dry, dark, funny, and epic. Different characters come in and out of the show, providing a look at how different people are dealing with the odd turn of events where people get a wide, random array of superpowers. It's an interesting show and one I find myself talking about with a lot of other TV lovers out there.

A Hulu Original, this show has a very simple premise. All it entails, is characters coming to a dinner booth, and talking. That's it. In this minimalist approach though, the show is able to grab you with what the characters discuss and keep you glued to the screen. A mysterious man gives the people who visit him an offer of their wildest desires, all they have to do is a simple task. What the task entails though, ends up being terrible, vile, and awful. We see how far the characters are willing to go to get what they want. The catch is, we just see them talk about it. We never see what they do. You have to watch it to truly appreciate the art in this show. Please do yourself the favor and watch the first season. There are five episodes so it isn't too much of your time.

Thank you for stopping by!